Friday, April 30, 2010


Last year I got to attend the Romantic Times convention. It was SO much fun. I loved it! I'd hoped to go this year, but my husband's work schedule didn't allow for it -- which sucks because Columbus is within driving distance. *sobs*

So now I have to listen to all the people who are there having fun, and I'm stuck at home. *more sobs*

Yes, I'm feeling whiny. But the good news is that I do get to go to the Lori Foster event in June! Yay! So in June, I'll be the one tweeting about all the fun I'm having!

What about you? Do you get to go to any conferences this year? I'm still holding out for the Authors After Dark we'll see!


Diana Castilleja said...

I haven't been to RT, but I am def going to AAD. Looking forward to it. My escape!! LOL

Rita Sawyer said...

Did RT last yr and had a blast. Too much going on this yr. Was planning on Lori Foster, but turns out that's not going to happen this yr either. I am going to AAD no matter what.

Was also considering one other, but not sure if schedule will allow.