Friday, August 29, 2008

Night Bites

I have been a very bad blogger lately but I hope to rectify that now and plan to blog every month like I am supposed too.

This weekend I am at Dragon Con, actually today is Day 1 of the four day weekend of festivities. Day one consisted of hitting the dealer rooms first thing cause we were on a mission looking for fairy wings and horns. LOL Found the wings, not the horns yet but will look again tomorrow. I only made it about half way through the vendors before I had to run off to make it to a Farscape panel.

After that one, we went straight to the Night Bites workshop with both Sherrilyn Kenyon and Laurell K Hamilton. It was a panel full of readers and fans who came to discuss why vampires are so beloved. Which is a really good question since I am about to embark on a Southern vampire series.

For the panelists they felt it boils down to the immortality aspect of them. The escaping of death. It was a lively and interesting discussion about why we love our sexy vamps. It gave me even more to think about before I start writing the southern vampire series I have been planning.

For now I am off to buy some custom made vampire teeth and then the Abney Park concert tonight.

A couple of weeks ago I had a new release. The third book in my Pentacles of Magick series. (The fourth I turned in not too long ago and it will be coming out in October)


Dennison Scott is destined to succumb to his dark magick unless he
finds and takes his empathic mate, a female born into the prophecy.
But this earth witch has already forged a bond with his current lover,
Jake that he has no intention of breaking. Curse or no curse.

When both Denn and Jake begin to fantasize about a dark-haired witch,
the real trouble begins.

Raven is a witch and a bounty hunter willing to sell her power to the
highest bidder, even the enemy. Until she tried to kill one of the
Scott twins which left her on the brink of death. Now with her magick
bound and captive to two men, she is more vulnerable than ever and she
has to decide whether to trust in the impossible or fight for the life
she thought she was destined for.

Read an Excerpt HERE

For information and to see the new series video, visit my website at

Have a good one, and i'll post some DragonCon pics next month when i'm back for blogging.


Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Tis the Season!!

I LOVE this time of year!! The boys go back to college (although they both still live at home...sigh) and my husband goes back to work (he's a teacher) so after a summer of constant men underfoot I at last have a few blessed hours to myself...huzzah :) Just as importantly, the new TV season is about to get underway :) I can't wait for True Blood to start, in fact, I signed up for HBO just so I could watch it! I also have a strange love for Chuck...I actually like a bumbling good guy as an occasional break from all the alphas. I haven't really had a chance to figure out all the new shows, I've been too caught up in the Olympics :) so I'd love some input from all of you on the spanking new, upcoming shows that I've probably overlooked! Oh, and as a brief update, I've turned in book five of the Guardian series (Jagr's Book) and preparing to write book six (which I'm planning for Salvatore). After that...well, I'm kinda up in the air. I love the Guardian series, but I'm a little afraid of driving it into the ground, so I've been considering a few other story lines. Ah well, it's all still up in the air, especially since I have to sell any new idea (including the continuation of the Guardians) to my publisher!! To each day...

Hope your summer is filled with joy!

Friday, August 15, 2008

B is Bizzy, bizzy, BIZZY!

It's been a busy Summer on The D'Arc Side. I had a new ebook release about a week and a half ago - the 2nd in my futuristic Resonance Mates series, Jaci's Experiment. After that, I thought I'd have a little time to myself, but I was wrong.

I'm in the middle of edits for my November 7th novella release, the re-issue of a totally 'revamped' vampire novella I first wrote a few years ago. It's called One & Only and it started life as a very short story at a measily 3,500 words with a now-defunct publisher. It's now about 25,000 words and will be the first of three rewritten and expanded novellas that are being reissued by Samhain Publishing. When all three are finally out as ebooks, the plan is to collect them together into a print anthology and I'm excited they'll finally be available again - in much expanded and better form.

Monkeying with my website is also a favorite activity, so I've added some new "splash" pages to some of the sections including Paranormal Tales, Dragon Knights, and Resonance Mates. The designs I used echo designs for some new promotional materials I'll be giving out at appearances and cons in the Fall. Speaking of which, Albacon has been added to my schedule! I'm totally psyched about it because the guest of honor is Anne McCaffrey. I read her books when I was about 15 and remember loving them! (I dare not reread them now because my dragons are quite different than hers and need to stay that way. LOL) Stella Price is also going to Albacon, so you know we're going to throw a party! If you're anywhere near Albany, NY, think about coming to see us. The con is the weekend of October 10-12.

In addition to all that, I've got to finish a book to send to an editor who liked the proposal and now wants to see the whole thing. So aside from checking email a few times each day, I'm trying to limit my online time. I'm in lock down! Self-imposed exile while I try to finish this sucker and get it off my desk.

So my supposed "lull" between books is really non-existant this time. I'm not upset though because it could mean even better things are coming! Wish me luck. :)

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Winners, Summer and Work.

Well its my time on the bloggy yet again! I wish I had great news for you guys, but Alas, not yet. Audra and I are still writing London for the Holidays. Pray we finish it and get it to our editor this week. Im looking forward to see it finished and off our list of things to do.

And Ooh Aud and I have been researching a new series, and outlining a new story for the series. Its So different from what we have been doing, but if it gets going as we want it to, its going to rock hard. Wish us luck. Im eager to get to work on this. Too bad the work keeps piling up.

So our winner for the last post is DEB! Congrats Deb, and email me at with your print book choice, and your address. I hope you enjoy what you choose!

So we finally got GIFTS in print. it looks good, and its thick, and Im happy for it. I have so much promo for the book that Im really excited that its available now. I have SO MUCH i have to send out!

Ooh, and for those of you going to RT 2009, Ill have a special goody for it. More on that once i get more info. Heh. Your going to love it.

So the summer is starting to wind down. I have family about a lot. its good. I wish Aud was around, but its cool. I get to see our cousins a lot these days, which is a long time coming, considering that the last time we were all together is about 8 years ago. Its good to reconnect. I forget why i love my cousins so much. They are really lunatics.

So today, My contest is for another choice print book, along with CD and goodies galore. How to win? I wanna know who your the closest to in your family, and whats your most hillarous memories. Mine? Glad you asked.

My cousins Andrea and Michelle are bad 80's and 90's music freaks. And during our time growing up, They got me into it too. Now being that my family are a bunch of nutters for music (my grandpa is a big deal spanish singer), we all have some sort of signing ability. Except when we get rip roaring drunk. Yes, we sound like a bunch of cats in heat. its not good i tell you.

So anyway, we were sitting here signing I remember You by Skidrow. My cousin Andrea hits the high note, falls off her chair and drops her beer into her lap. So she is laughing, choking and looks like she pissed herself. Yeah. Shitty story I know. You might have had to be there, LOL.

Anyway. Enter the contest. Win a book. Good luck and see you next month!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Workin' For A Livin'!

Boy, am I swamped. First of all, you all know that NOAH is coming out Sept. 2nd, right? I think that's fairly common knowledge. I am so very excited about this book! It is a culmination of a series I have loved with all of my heart and my soul. This series gave birth to me as an author in as much as I gave birth to it. Also, I know everyone has been waiting very eagerly for the subject matter in this novel. Noah, the Demon King, finally goes on the journey he needs to take to try and win his forever mate. But I promise you, I did not make it easy for him. You wouldn't want that now would ya? Nah. See. i knew you wouldn't. You all are going to love Kestra. His heroine has that spitfire kind of soul that goes very well with a Fire Demon...we hope!

And right now I am working on the final edit for ECSTASY. Say, no one has seen the cover yet!! Lemme share :)

Isn't this exciting. Plus it's a stepback cover which means there's another picture inside. I admit, I have issues with the inside cover picture...or any cover, for that matter, that poorly represents the couple in the book. But my publisher has its reasons for doing their thing and honestly, as long as the story comes to all of you intact and does it's job of helping you escape into the Nightwalker world, then I could care less about the packaging.

But this part of the cover is totally awesome! Pure flippin' genius! I am very very lucky.

Anyway, back to work...I am doing the final draft of the second book in the series, RAPTURE. OMG...I don't mean to toot my own kazoo or anything, but this story is by far my all time best work ever. I honestly feel like I am getting better at this with each and every book I write. Which, to tell the truth, puts a bit of pressure on me! I also started writing the next book in the series (I told you I was swamped!!) and I am biting my nails terrified my editor is going to utterly hate it. But honestly, that's just me being a drama queen arteest. I hope. It just goes to show no matter how many times I end up on the bestseller lists, I'm still going to doubt myself at each new turn. Perhaps that is a good thing (unless you're my ulcer) and it will keep me sharp...keep me from getting lazy and writing rote crap that merely mirrors the work I have done before. I have seen it happen in some series. I don't want to be like that. Not ever!

So I had to swing by and give you all an update. I hope it wasn't too brief, but I have got to get back to work!!

See ya soon!

Hugs and Kitties
Jacki Frank