Monday, September 28, 2009

Just Released, and a sweet chance to win!


A prince without a kingdom, and a princess without a master. A Satyr's passion knows no bounds.

As a princess of the Satyr confederation, Minerva has been coddled, spoiled and revered, as well as taught and trained just how to serve her Satyr. Beautiful, sexy and a prize in herself, she's anxious to meet the man that will become her lover, master, and reason for living.

Esben Chambers, a half demon, half something else orphan lives on earth with few cares or ties. His family partially unknown, he's embraced his Strigo, or time demon, heritage, though some of his powers are well out of the scope of the lords of time.

When an Imp shows up at his estate and claims he's the only living Satyr prince to clan Tempest, Ben realizes there might be something to figuring out just who his father's people were, and agrees to go to New York for a Convergence Summit. He's counting on figuring out why he was left alone in the world.

What he doesn't count on is the enchanting woman he sees in a floor show, the woman that makes his blood burn to possess her.

Audra and I are extremely excited to have this book out finally and love that it is with Total E Bound! To celebrate the release, we are giving away a fantastic gift basket! This gift basket contains a t shirt with the awesome cover on it, as well as a tote bag with the cover, a set of playing cards (cover on the top) a signed cover flat, other promo, print book OF READERS CHOICE and a one of a kind set of earrings created for the book release in sterling silver, fire opal, smoky quartz and crystal.

So how do you win? buy the book today, and email us ( with the answer to this question: What is the name of the first girl in the book? You have until September 29th to get your entry in!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Details, details

Hi, all! This is my first post at the blog. Back in . . . oh, July-ish, the lovely Stella invited me to post here "whenever I had time." Hahaha!

So, here it is, nearly October, and I STILL don't have time. But I'm going to post anyway, because it's a very cool blog and I wanted to post at least once before someone shuts the door in my face after the Authors After Dark convention.

For the regulars here who don't know me, I'm Cathy Clamp and write paranormal romance and urban fantasy for Tor Books, along with my co-author C.T. Adams. You'll see that my screen name here is "Cat Adams" and that's because it's our NEW name for the same great books. It's just a little easier to find in the bookstore. We write the Tales of the Sazi and Thrall series and will be coming out with a brand new urban fantasy series called The Blood Singer next year. Cold Moon Rising is our latest book in the Sazi world, out last month, and next up, in March, 2010 is Serpent Moon, in the same world.

Our first book under the Cat Adams name was Magic's Design, which came out in March. It's a stand-alone novel, not part of a series, and if you like urban fantasy, you'll really enjoy it!

I've been spending a whole bunch of time working on details lately. Editing is mostly about details, in reality, and it forces you to really think about all those weird, esoteric things that you truly believed you made clear in a book, but which the editor firmly informs you that you didn't. This last month has been especially challenging because of all the projects that have had overlapping deadlines. Mostly, it's because I have a hard time saying no to really cool projects (I mean, how could you say no to an antho called Chicks in Capes?! This is a proposed cover by the way, one of two. Interestingly, they'll release BOTH covers, which is very fun!)

Little by little, I took on new projects. None of them were big, and I gave myself plenty of "room" to get them done. Or so I thought. But what wound up happening was this:

New Anthology story in existing reality due September 1st.
New Anthology story in NEW world due September 4th.
New Anthology story in ANOTHER new world due September 8th.
Non-fiction essay about favorite author due September 1st.
Second book of new urban fantasy world due September 1st.
New Proposal for new paranormal romance world due September 4th.

SHEESH! And then came . . .

Edits for Serpent Moon, due September 15th.
Copy edits for Serpent Moon, due September 28th (we had delays early.)
Edits for Anthology story #2, due pretty much immediately.
Edits for non-fiction essay, due September 10th.

And just arrived this week are . . .

Edits for Anthology story #3.
Finish up book Second book of new urban fantasy world (which we had to get extended---hmmm, I wonder why.)

As you might guess, even with a wonderful co-author who's taken on half the load, I'm getting a little twitchy. Each kind of writing (new or editing) has its own challenges and forces an author to 'shift gears' to a new mindset. But the back and forth between the various worlds and the various kinds of editing/writing has me either totally ignoring, or micromanaging, every other aspect of my life.

Take the Authors After Dark convention. I signed up and got my room, but OOPS! I forgot to . . . um, pay for the registration. [blush] Then, since I seldom get to New York, I decided it might be a good idea to make plans to meet with my agent and our brand new editor in Manhattan. So I booked an early morning flight and have been figuring out the details of arriving at New Jersey-Liberty, hopping over to Manhattan and then popping up to Suffern. Now, for those of you who are gasping and choking at the potential for those events in a single day, remember that I live in TEXAS, where it takes about an hour of driving, one way, just to get to the grocery store. Twenty minutes on the AirTrain from the airport? Pfft! Nothing. Another half hour of walking when I get to Penn Station? Easy. Then it's just a short hop back to Penn Station and an hour on the train to Suffern, a cab ride to the hotel and poof! Lots of missions accomplished!

Details, details. And speaking of which, I think I'm out of my micro-managed time to write this first post. Can't wait to meet you all next month---if I haven't keeled over by then. :D

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Copy edits and new book

I have to admit I'm a summer gal. Give me sunshine, a beach, and a good book and I'm in heaven, but living in the midwest means that autumn is slowly creeping towards us. The only good thing about the end of summer is the approach of Halloween which I LOVE!! I've already got out my pumkins and ghosts and devilish demons :) I'm also deep in copy edits for Beyond the Darkness (which is Salvatore's story and should be hitting the shelves in April). It was a fun book to write and I think you'll enjoy the bad boy Were!

I also wanted to remind everyone that Seduce me by Chirstmas, my historical book under the name Deborah Raleigh should be hitting the shelves the first of Oct. followed by Jagr's story under the name Alexandra Ivy which is due to be released the first of Nov.

Have a fantastic fall!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Life & New Covers

Gonna keep this short and sweet. My mom is ill and will be having surgery toward the end of the month so any good vibes, thoughts and prayers would be greatly appreciated! The docs aren't really sure at this point what's wrong with her but they seem to be trying to rule out cancer, so as you might guess, the whole family is distraught. My parents are staying with me for the duration because my house is near a very fine hospital, thank goodness.

Needless to say, I'm not getting much new writing done at all. At this point, I'm treading water, just trying to meet my editing/proofing deadlines and such. Once my emotions begin to settle down, perhaps I'll be able to write again. Wish me luck. ;-)

And now for some happy stuff... I've got some new covers! It's for my next dragon book, titled DRAGON STORM, which will be out in ebook formats on November 17th from Samhain.

I also have the most awesome cover EVER, from Kensington Brava for my first big-time, NY-published novel, ONCE BITTEN, TWICE DEAD, which will be officially released in March 2010, but is already available for pre-order from Amazon (and a few other places). How cool is that cover? I LOVE it!!! :) Thank you, cover gods!!!

I've also spent a little time working on my website the past few days. (It's mindless work that I can do while I sit with my Mom.) I've updated most of the splash pages (the individual indexes to each sub-section of the site) and added new buttons for all sorts of online booksellers on my homepage side bar. It might be getting a little too complicated at this point, so if you have any troubles loading it, please let me know. It's hard to find the right balance between too much and not enough. ;-) Until next time...

Monday, September 14, 2009

New Look for a New Season

Seems every few months or so I yearn to change the look of my website. Luckily because I now use a content management system that makes changing themes easy I can do just that without too much hassle. So over the weekend I gave a facelift, which you can see right now. I like the front slide show in particular, which offers a quick breakdown of what's new, what's coming, and what's best to see while you're visiting.

If you've been there lately, you'll know that my next release, Don't Dare the Reaper, is coming next week! I'm very excited to have another Halloween story out with Phaze Books, and I hope it won't be the last. In the meantime, I'm working on something special for Phaze's anniversary. The imprint will turn five on November, and already a few authors have contributed free reads for the occasion. I will as well, only it won't be just a typical story. You'll have to wait and see what it is, though. :)

So I'm off to enjoy the coming fall weather. Hope to see you in New York next month!

Friday, September 11, 2009


I seem to be finding myself in uncharted territory a lot lately. The most recent surprise--Albacon.

Albacon is a Science Fiction convention held annually in Albany, NY. This year they are making history by including a romance day. Friday, October 9th, will be made up of panels from 9am-3pm, followed by a book signing from 3-5pm.

I have been invited to participate, not just as a guest, but as a panelist. I'm treating this kind of as a warm-up for the Authors After Dark Weekend. Perhaps by AAD I will stop saying, "But I don't really write paranormal" which is exactly what went through my head when I received the email informing me which 2 panels I'd be sitting on at Albacon.

Creating Worlds

Panelists: Jessica Andersen, Inanna Arthen (M), Cat Johnson, Susan Hanniford Crowley

Using Mythology in Stories (panel)

Jessica Andersen (M), Cat Johnson, K.A. Laity, Bianca D'Arc, Janice Dumas

My first reaction was, "Wait a minute, I can't speak on world building." Then I stopped and realized, yeah, I can. For the three Greek God stories I have out with Tease Books for the Pantheon series of course I had to world build. I created Mount Olympus as I see it in my head. I researched mythology and crafted tales combining myths, fiction, fantasy, the contemporary world we live in and the world of ancient lore.

Today I'm celebrating the Samhain re-release of my contemporary cowboy menage, Rough Stock, but alongside my contemporary career, I have to remember, though I keep forgetting, yes, I'm a paranormal author too. When you see me at Albacon and AAD and I have a dazed look on my face, give me a poke and remind me, will ya? Thanks!

In other news... on the AAD weekend front, we know we said registrations were closed, however, the hotel has given us more time to give them the final numbers so registration is BACK OPEN. Check out for more info if you want to come. But don't delay, we don't have forever, just until the 20th of September.

Cat Johnson

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Registration is reopened! get set up now!

Due to a glitch with the hotel, we were able to reopen registration till Sept, 20th! And I know you guys have been thinking about coming to the Authors After Dark Paranormal weekend, and nows your chance to come and hangout with me for this first years event. So many fantastic authors have signed up to come, give away goodies and sign on saturday that you are going to miss out on something amazing if you don't attend.

Registration is 175$ and includes 4 meals, 2 parties(a candy shoppe PJ party and a Masquerade ball), a cocktail hour, a slew of reader focused events, Author lead mini events and tons of free books and goodies! And we are even doing a charity raffle to benefit the ACN and a local no kill shelter, Pets Alive! we have over 25$ gift baskets too!

Your room is 99$ a night, double occupancy, and can be booked through the info on the AAD website on the Registration page.

So who is going to be there? Well...
Jacquelyn Frank, Sunny, Joey W. Hill,Stella and Audra Price, Bianca D'Arc, Rosemary Laurey, Jennifer Armintrout, Madeline Oh, Georgia Evans, Mechele Armstrong, Samantha Sommersby, Cat Johnson, Cathy Clamp, Eliza Gayle, Diana Castilleja, Leigh Ellwood, Tilly Greene, Selena Illyria, Stephanie Julian, Judi Fennell, Kayleigh Jamison, Donna Grant, Robin T. Popp, Linda Mooney, Mima, Teresa Noelle Roberts, and JoLynne Valerie

The authors are fantastic, the goodies are fantastic, the books are beyond a doubt amazing. We got the Authors, and the books, and the amazing events. All we need is YOU!

To register, join us at We are looking forward to having you hangout with us this year and hope to see you there!

Info and a contest... you know you wanna enter!

Wow One more month till 2009's Authors After Dark paranormal Weekend. Im freaking out because its going to be so much fun, PLUS Audra is going to be here for a week. SO EXCITED!

So what will be doing? At our cool little mini event on friday afternoon, we will be doing a 6 degrees of Cassiel game, some trivia and a lot of Q and A. Readers coming will have a chance to ask the questions they wanna ask, and get answers! No no, none of that "read the books..." BS. Yes we want you to read them but what kinda fanatics of our own work would we be if we didnt talk about it? Stingy ones thats what. If your coming, your going to have one HELL of a time.

So today we are posting about our fantastic and fun new contest! This contest is designed to get the word out about our upcoming release with Total E Bound. Its going to be a doozy, as its about Satyrs, and their naughty little society. So who wants to win a American Satyr prize pack, a one of a kind pair of earrings and a 25$ gift card from the online retailer of choice? Yeah I thought you would be interested.

Click on the button and find out how. Good luck and we hope you enjoy the book!

So Yeah, we hope you will help us our and post post post, about this great and naughty book. Its the first in the series. Of Crimson and Collars comes out on the 28th of September. Are you are excited as we are? And thanks for all the support, you guys mean the world to us!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

New Things!

Mainly, a new series! I knoiw, PLEASURE just came out and you might still be trying to catch up on your Shadowdwellers, but I am very excited about the new The Gatherers series so I have to share. It's not related to the Nightwalkers world at all, which made me happy on a creative level because I was ready for a departure. Sort of like taking a vacation. Besides, I never want to become old hat or predictable.

That's not to say I don't love my Nightwalkers. I do! In fact I am currently writing book six of the NIGHTWALKERS series and I have plans to write book four of the SHADOWDWELLERS series as well. After all, we have to see what happens to Ruth, what happens for our strong-willed Jasmine, and what of Malaya's brother Tristan? I hope to answer all those questions in my next coming projects. But first you will meet THE GATHERERS and their extra-ordinary world and then I dip into the world of science fiction with a series from Ballentine publishing.

Have I shown you the cover for HUNTING JULIAN? This is book 1 in THE GATHERERS series.
I just got the ARCS for it (Advanced Reader Copies) and will be giving them away at my event in October to some lucky attendees! I will also have a ton of other books from other paranormal authors. Those who are attending the event are going to walk away with bunches and bunches of goodies! Wait til you see the surprise I have for the pajama party!

But back to HUNTING JULIAN. Want to read the back cover copy? Here goes!

Jacquelyn Frank, New York Times bestselling author of the Shadowdwellers series, invites readers into a dazzling new world of unstoppable desire and danger.

As an Gatherer for his colony, Julian Sawyer travels to Earth to bring back the Chosen—women who possess energy potent enough to help revitalize his people. The stunning, silver-clad beauty who strides into his club one night radiates a sensual magnetism unlike any he’s encountered, and Julian realizes that Asia Callahan is not just Chosen, she is his kindra: his one true mate.

For months, Asia has tracked the beautiful and mysterious Julian across the country, convinced that he’s behind the disappearance of her sister and a dozen other women. She’s prepared to believe he’s a ruthless killer, but when she presents herself as bait, she discovers that the truth is far more shocking. Taken to a strange, hazardous realm she never knew existed, Asia will face the ultimate choice—between abandoning the life she’s always known, and forsaking a passion as dangerous as it is powerful.

So? What do you think? Let me know and I'll give away an ARC to one lucky commenter on this blog. :) Otherwise, I'd say you are all up to date on what I'm up to. Oh! I am also attending Lora Leigh's RAW weekend in September. That promises to be a lot of fun! This year I may even be healthy enough to dance!

I wanted to take a moment to thank all of my loyal readers. Thanks to you I am #13 on the New York Times list with PLEASURE. Needless to say, my publisher is ecstatic to know the SHADOWDWELLERS series is a great success. I truly hope you are are enjoying Sagan's story and Malaya's story. For those of you who don't know, PLEASURE is a two for one book. Two stories in one book! Both are integral to one another and we simply needed to put them together for you. It smooths out the series perfectly.

Well, enough of my chatter for now. I will pick a winner for the ARC next month when I blog here again. If you hadn't noticed, I blog here around the fifth of each month. (I missed last month because I was on vacation!)

See you next month! (or sooner on my homepage blog at!)
Hugs and Kitties
Jacki Frank