Thursday, September 10, 2009

Info and a contest... you know you wanna enter!

Wow One more month till 2009's Authors After Dark paranormal Weekend. Im freaking out because its going to be so much fun, PLUS Audra is going to be here for a week. SO EXCITED!

So what will be doing? At our cool little mini event on friday afternoon, we will be doing a 6 degrees of Cassiel game, some trivia and a lot of Q and A. Readers coming will have a chance to ask the questions they wanna ask, and get answers! No no, none of that "read the books..." BS. Yes we want you to read them but what kinda fanatics of our own work would we be if we didnt talk about it? Stingy ones thats what. If your coming, your going to have one HELL of a time.

So today we are posting about our fantastic and fun new contest! This contest is designed to get the word out about our upcoming release with Total E Bound. Its going to be a doozy, as its about Satyrs, and their naughty little society. So who wants to win a American Satyr prize pack, a one of a kind pair of earrings and a 25$ gift card from the online retailer of choice? Yeah I thought you would be interested.

Click on the button and find out how. Good luck and we hope you enjoy the book!

So Yeah, we hope you will help us our and post post post, about this great and naughty book. Its the first in the series. Of Crimson and Collars comes out on the 28th of September. Are you are excited as we are? And thanks for all the support, you guys mean the world to us!

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