Monday, September 27, 2010

Stella's AAD Recount.

Authors After Dark is now over for 2010. What a wild freaking ride. For those who don’t know, I’m the Convention Director, and the one who gets the ulcers for a year before the event. Don’t get me wrong, I love this event, and I love doing it, and what it represents.

I might bitch about the craziness while there, and I might lose it a bit, but on the whole, I live for this kinda thing. So lets get to my recount, shall we?

Thursday was an insane. We got up early, packed the uhaul and made our way down to the event hotel. When we got there, we started to unpack and get it all set up. WOW. 5 hours after we got there we still weren’t done, but the excitement was setting in for me. I was very happy to finally be there and getting it all out to everyone. I don’t think people realize that after a years worth of planning, of storing stuff in your house, its like Christmas to get it all set up and know that SO MANY people are getting SO MANY goodies. I love playing Santa. (no not Satan, though I probably channeled the evil that weekend...)

Anyway, suffice to say that Friday and Saturday went really well. The bloggers got a fuck ton of extra books, each meal went off well, tons of books and goodies and everyone was really happy with the food and the choices (that chocolate cake was DIVINE!).

Parties were fun as well. Tons of goodies and alcohol, and OMG it was great to see the authors that attended last year and welcome the ones that came for their first year. Having friends there, people I get to see only a few times a year, is worth all the aggravation and insanity. As a self imposed hermit, it’s nice to interact with others that I have something in common with. Writing is a solitary existence, and when we, as authors get to hangout with other authors and readers, it makes it all worth it.

I realize this account is sorta generalized, but that’s because most of the weekend was a blur. Anyone that was there will tell you I didn’t sit down for more then 5 minutes at a stretch, missed all but one of my panels and only made one of my appointments. I worked my ass off to make it perfect, and I think I was close to succeeding.

Sadly, we had some issues, some of them are things that could be avoided for next year, and some of them have to be addressed here.

We had a crasher. Normally I would be so excited that we had a crasher to the event, but this was totally uncool. AAD, in essence is an event that works for the reader. We make it more then affordable, because we believe in the reader/ author relationship. So many cons make money off their events, we don’t make one dime other then for the charities. Because of this, extra things are absorbed by Jacki and the staff, at our own expense.

So with a crasher coming in and having dinner, and taking books, books and a meal they didn’t pay for, hurts not only the con but the attendees. The crasher came in, disrespected the event, the event staff and hosts and more importantly, the attendees because they ate on their dime. A crasher didn’t feel the need to pay for this, but had the brass balls to come in, and apparently felt that they were above everyone else that DID follow the rules. That chaps my ass. That shows a blatant disrespect for their fellow readers and the people that worked so hard to make the event so worthwhile.

Unfortunately, since someone thought it was acceptable to take advantage...we have to tighten up and hire security to be sure the right people are getting what they paid for.

Second, Hotel issues. PLEASE DON’T WORRY! Next year’s event will be at a different hotel, one that actually isn’t a bunch of ass hats that were trying to thwart us behind the scenes. I’m sorry to all the attendees that had issues with the hotel (especially the ones that got charges on their room when they shouldn’t have, I hope that worked out) and I’m really sorry about the issues with the schedule. Because the hotel didn’t bother to mention us losing a room till I got there Thursday morning, I didn’t have time to make the changes seamless. I will do better next year, I promise.

Now what to expect for next year:

  • Two tattoo artists… ooh did we mention there was a tattoo artist this year? Yes there was and Geoff was awesome. Next year, expect him with a friend to rock the event with ink galore!
  • A Mythos Masquerade
  • A Steampunk Ball
  • A fantastic BDSM event (information to come!)
  • A Karaoke party with Jen Armintrout and Resplendence Publishing
  • Amazing Vendors

And much more! Stay tuned to the AAD blog for all the happenings and a NEW layout for next year!

Thanks again to all the authors and attendees for making this year something to remember. We couldn’t have done it without you guys. I’m looking forward to many more years of this con, and goodies galore!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Green with Envy

Ah, I have to admit that I have been stewing in jealousy with the thought of all the fun being had at AAD 2010 and wishing I could be there. Still, I hope everyone had a fabulous time and that you're planning to attend next year!!!!

I have been trying to keep my nose to the grindstone and working away at my next Guardian anthology as well as enjoying the release of Yours for Eternity that hit the stores this month!! I'm also preparing for the release of Devoured by Darkness that will be on the shelves Nov. 30th. I hope to have several contests coming up for ARCs so if you're interested, I hope you'll join my new facebook page:!/alexandraivyfanpage?ref=ts

Until next time, happy reading!!

Home from AAD!

What a wild weekend! I know you guys are going to get blogs from pretty much everyone that came, and hopefully there will be a nice buzz about. I myself will have pictures up and running here soon enough, and I know you guys are going to love it.

Im going to maintain radio silence for the next week though, get some things sorted, and work on my career, which i have been sorely neglecting. It will be worth it though, and I know you guys will enjoy the posts I have coming up.

Also, this blog is going to have a face lift in the next month to match the new design for the website for AAD2011! You are REALLY going to LOVE this! I'm excited about this and the already underway planning of next years event!


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Two New Releases!

I have two new books out this month... First, a novel of the dragonish kind from Samhain Publishing, which means it's hot, hot, HOT! Here's the blurb:

Their love will span the ages…and two very different worlds.

Caught in a magical storm and deposited on modern-day Earth, twin dragon princes Darius and Connor are looking for a way home. Instead they find something most unexpected—-their mate. The one woman who holds both their hearts in the palm of her healing hand-—along with secrets about her origins that link their shared destinies.

When Josie patches up the injured man on her doorstep, her snowcat instincts tell her he’s much more than a man. And so is his brother. She also knows her dragon lovers cannot fly free on Earth. The only way to return them to their rightful place is to face the failures of her past, and leave the safety of her Oregon cabin to seek her estranged grandfather’s counsel. There she learns the painful truth: returning Darius and Connor to where they belong could mean giving up everything. Even her only chance for true love.

But fate has other plans for the trio. Magic swirls all around them. Whether it is for good or ill, only time will tell...

Warning: This book contains red hot twin action ménage a trois, a wild cat woman and two hunky dragon studs in black leather.

The second new release is an anthology featuring a new zombie novella by me and two other paranormal tales - one by Erin McCarthy and one by Jennifer Lyon - just in time for the spooky time of year! Here's a little bit about it:

Meet three men without boundaries, hell-bent on satisfying their deepest desires - and those of the women who drive them wild...

The Howling by Erin McCarthy

When Liv Lugaru's boyfriend Sebastian disappears, she finds comfort in his brother's arms. But Sebastian is much closer than Liv realizes... and he'll stop at nothing to protect her from the feral danger that comes alive only when she sleeps...

Smoke On The Water by Bianca D'Arc

In the misty fog of a lakefront village, zombies are roaming wild - and zombie hunter John Petit must stop the carnage. John is also fighting a different kind of battle: a forbidden passion for his new partner, Donna. With her help, killing zombies is a walk in the park, but keeping his desire in check is making him sweat...

Redeeming The Wizard by Jennifer Lyon

Gage Remington was once a powerful wizard; now he's a recluse who keeps the world at bay. But when Mira Tate arrives at Gage's door, she stirs in him an attraction he can't deny. Soon, Gage will risk everything to keep Mira close - even the secret that may be his ruin...

Both books are available now wherever books are sold!

Monday, September 13, 2010


Just popping in guys to announce that we have a new book out! Book two of our American Satyrs series, To Collar and Keep has been released this morning, and I know you guys are all interested!

A surrender to the unknown has never been sexier.

Olanis, the summer holiday is upon the Satyr clans once more and it is the time for Harlequin, prince of the Rummer clan, to claim his first and only female, the Grecian Satyr princess Arabella, sight unseen.

Unsure of what kind of woman his clan had brokered for him, he is both interested in the woman that would wear his collar, and nervous that she won’t meet his standards. His female has to rival him in all things, and his hopes of that coming true are slim and none.

Arabella craves two things, finishing her education, and being claimed by her Satyr. An anomaly in the Satyr world, Arabella was afforded opportunities other princesses weren’t. Now, in a foreign land she is given over to the Prince she was promised to, and she couldn’t be more nervous. What's a girl to do when you’re being gifted to a man you have never seen?

Harley is a commodity to the Rummer clan, one that his father plans to exploit regardless of his son’s wishes. When he gives Harley an ultimatum, Harley and Bella have two choices-agree to the terms or rebel.

When sparks fly and new alliances are forged in the Satyr ranks, both Harley and Bella have to decide what it is they want and what kind of future they wish to have. Only together will they succeed, if they can suffer the slings and arrows.

Reader Advisory: This book contains a Satyr prince with unconventional ideas about his princess, a princess with a mind to rival Hawkings, a feral Satyr with a hidden agenda, F/F scenes, polyamory and lots of hot sex.

And thats more, We are running a contest! Check out BLOGGY for details! See you all on Friday!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

It's comiiiing!! And IT'S HERE!! And IT'S NEW!!

Authors After Dark 2010 is only ten days away!! WOOT!!! Can you believe it? I am so excited! And on top of that, NOCTURNAL released today...officially anyway. i know many of you already have it. I have been getting great feedback about my story in it, The Phoenix Project. Everyone wants me to make a series out of it! I kinda thought I had enough series going all at once. Do you all find it confusing when an author has a lot of series out all at once? Frankly, I can follow just fine as a reader and find it very easy to separate. As a writer I think the voices and the material are distinctive enough that it shouldn't be too difficult. The only two series I have that scrape very close to each other are the Nightwalkers and the Shadowdwellers, however they are also very distinctive of each other.

On top of everything else happening today, Ballentine just snuck me the new cover for book two in my Three Worlds series!! Now, keep in mind it might change a little bit yet, but I wanted to give you all an exclusive sneak peek! I can't help myself because I think this cover is super HOT.

Isn't that an awesome cover? Now I just have to finish the story...;) This is the first time that's ever happened to me...that they have the cover ready before the story is finished. It's a little surreal actually. But not to worry, I'll make that deadline come hell or high water.

My costume for the AAD masque completely rocks! I am really thrilled with how it came together. Next year we are having a Steampunk party on Friday night and a Mythology Masque on Saturday night! That is going to be SO MUCH FUN! I'm going to have to come up with two costumes. Better start planning now. Meanwhile, I have to get back to the drawing board. My hero and heroine are in danger and he just got caught revealing a secret...

Hugs and Kitties

First Served, First C... Well, You Get the Idea

Just a few weeks to go before AAD and I'm excited to be a part of the event this year! I've been trading e-mails with authors Bridget Midway, Yvette Hines, and Denise Jeffries, and we are finalizing plans for our Saturday Golden Girls of Erotica party. It's totally 80s with cheesecake and prizes, so we hope to see you there! I'm happy, too, that Bridget has helped with our raffle basket for the AAD event by supplying some 80s DVDs - seems every time I thought of a movie to include it was filmed in 1990. So apparently my 80s memories came a bit late. :o

Anyway, I'll bring two more baskets for the auction event - one for me and one for Phaze Books. All sorts of goodies to collect, from books to sweet things, so have your tickets ready and good luck.

When you come to the big signing event, too, be sure to stop by my table. I have 20 copies of Dareville After Dark, the guide to my Dareville stories, in paperback, and I'm giving them away! First 20 folks to stop by get a signed copy, no purchase necessary (though I do hope you'll consider buying some of my other books while you're there!). If you're new to my Dareville series, this is a great little guide to have - can't tell the players without a program!

See you soon!