Saturday, February 26, 2011

AAD 2012 Panels and workshops open for consideration!

AAD 2012 is a more then a year away, and Im very excited about this event coming up. Since we are changing things up a bit for the scheduling for the event, and have a TON of room, I figured we would start getting ideas in for different tracks and events.

Now please know that I DO NOT have the registration or acceptance open right now, and that the authors already accepted were asked for THIS year and couldn’t make it but committed as early as last November to 2012. That said, Any authors that suggest events, will be considered, But no decisions will be made till after AAD 2011 in PHILLY.

So now that that’s outta the way, what’s the reason for this post. AAD is looking for ideas for several tracks that are of interest to authors, industry professionals, Bloggers and readers. Tracks will be run through the days, from 10-5pm (breaking for lunch) and very little, if anything will be scheduled during the night time except for PJ parties, Field trips and off site group trips.

So this is what we are looking for. Programing:

Publisher: Workshops and panels

Cover Art: workshops and panels

Blogger: workshops, events, panels

Marketing: Workshops

Reader: Parties, workshops, panels and events

Industry Ettiquette: Workshops, panels

Book clubs: Workshops and panels

Interested parties need to fill out THIS FORM. The earlier you get ideas in the more chance you have of presenting the piece. Please note that I’m not like some other cons, and I consider everyone, and I DO NOT have panel captains because I believe in keeping things fair and having different people on the panels each year.

Also, we will not be having a vendor room this coming year (because lets face it, its NOLA) but we will have a full room for publishers to set up much like an expo, where readers can pop in and see what’s going on and what’s for sale. Publisher tables will be FREE to publishers as always!

Excited? I know I am… LOL. But we have AAD philly coming up before… and its going to be amazing as well! I cant wait for this year’s event. So many fabulous authors coming and so much awesome planned…

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Chartueuse Anyone?

2012 is right around the corner. No this is not a blog post about the end of the world, who knows if we are all going to go down the drain in a year, we are circling it now as we speak… so because of this I have decided that we are going to (possibly) go out with a bang. How so? Well dear readers… read on.

So this is meant to be a happy post… and I think by the end of it you might all be standing up and cheering because this is pretty fucking awesome. So before I get to the amazing awesome news, lemme start with the possibly not so good news (depending on how you look at it.)

Authors After Dark for 2012 will have a MAX of 80 authors. Now why you ask? Because AAD is about readers and I think with the insane amount this year, we might be straying from the original focus of the event. That said, AAD will have 80 authors in this breakdown:

The Master of Ceremonies

Myself (yes I count me and Audra as one entity and as an author because we ARE authors first and foremost)

11 field trip authors (I will explain this in a few)

37 small press authors (which will be regulated by publisher participation)

30 NY published authors

Now by “regulated by publisher participation” it means that unlike past years, we wont have an over abundance of authors attending from one publisher. Yes, I understand that there’s lots of authors that have several publishers. This will help to place you in. I'm only counting each authors under ONE of their publishers. Now this doesn’t mean that’s the only work you can promote, it just means that it will allow me to ensure we have a good smattering of authors and publishers.

Now, publishers that are participating (by way of book donations and parties) will have a larger list (because that’s how we reward people for helping us out). All of this is subject to change, but remember, I will NOT be going over 80 authors.

OK. So some even better news? We are upping our attendee list to 400. that means 80 authors and 320 attendees (including industry). Why have we done this? Because we NEED to for 2012.

Now… You wanna know where it is right? Well… Authors After Dark 2012 will have a new theme as well… AAD Summer Camp! That’s right! And what better then having camp in the readers play ground rich in history and romance… NEW ORLEANS? Yep… I shit you not AAD 2012 will be in New Orleans, at the Royal Sonesta Hotel in AUGUST! Now.. who is excited?

AAD’s event is going to be a LOT different then previous years, leaving everyone more time to explore the city with their favorite authors and get some quality time in. Oh yes, we will have tons of stuff to do during the day like panels and parties and the like, but I'm leaving breakfasts open (can you say Café DuMonde?) and most nights except one. Lunches will be at the hotel during the con panel hours, and most of the parties will be alcohol based as that’s what its all about in Nola (Chartreuse anyone?).

There will be tons of field trips with authors that write with Nola as a location, as well as tours to take and pub crawls! Yes… wring out your livers cuz your going to need as much room as possible!

We wont have a vendor room this year, because nothing is better then the French quarter and river walk, and there wont be 2 parties, just one… and it will be WORTH staying in for…

Rooms will be 119$ a night DOUBLE OCCUPANCY. Any extra person added to the room is an extra 30$ a night per person (up to 4). Yes there will be a special suite price, and I will have those soon as well. This is the CHEAPEST you will find a room in the city (let alone on Bourbon St, where the hotel is located) and guess what else? You can use the price for three days before and three days after the con, allowing you 9 days in NOLA for hella cheap. That’s right! Plan your vacations now!

Dates? August 8-12 for the event so mark those calendars!

Registration isn’t open yet (obviously) but the website (which is NEW) will be up soon and you can watch all the insanity as we get it out there. Yes, its hella early, but seriously? Who doesn’t wanna start planning and preparing for New Orleans? I know I do (and believe me, I am). So follow along as well bring you what could very well be the best convention you have ever attended!

So shall I spill the beans on some of our Field trip authors?

Jaye Wells

Diana Rowland

Merrie Destefano

Jeanine Frost

Sydney Croft (Larissa Ione and Stephanie Tyler)

Eliza Gayle

Including 7 more authors who write with New Orleans as a backdrop… and no Im not spilling the beans yet!

Other authors already accepted:

Mark Henry

Nicole Peeler

Kristen Painter

T J Michaels

Leanna Renee Hieber

Alexandra Ivy

Allison Pang

Jess Haines

Carolyn Crane

Tilly Greene

Cat Johnson

Stella and Audra Price

So… who is excited? And whats more… at AAD Philly you'll get even MORE information about the event, and opportunities to win your way to the event (that’s registration, not your room!)

So… comments?

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

More AAD updates! Belly Dancing and Ticketed Events

As I'm not home ( for those that done know, I'm in SC house hunting and helping Joe's parents fix one of the houses they already bought), I have been getting emails left and right, and believe me, I'm answering all as I get them, even covered in pink paint, lol.

Anyway, I figured I would give you guys the heads up on our awesome bellydancing program. Heres the skinny: AAd is hosting Rowan Canterbury, belly dancer extraordinaire, has agreed to do several classes through the weekend for you lucky lucky people! And whats better shes going to repeat classes in case you miss them for doing something else! That's right!

So wanna know what the classes are?


A-t-t-i-t-u-d-e = SEXY

A work shop and discussion on the art of spiritual sexuality in dance and in life!

· Belly dance begins here, within and without of the flesh.

· Breaking the norm

· What men REALLY want

· Body language & confidence


The Art of Seduction through Belly Dance

· Basic Stretches

· Slow and Slinky

· Moves that ROCK THE HOUSE

· Too much is TOOOO MUCH!

· Working the Room – Using the Music


Ahh…those erotic muscles!

· Pelvic exercises that will lift him off the bed.

· How’d ya get an ass like that?

· The many uses of our abdomens.

· Your magic breasts!

Thighs of steal, (staying in the saddle)

Some other updates:

Ticketed Events: A lot of people are asking about this, and what they are. Lemme clarify. AAD this year is doing something different. Ticketed events are events that are limited attendance (for whatever reason) and because of this, we will be making the event a ticketed event. This means that the money for these events will go to a charity (either ours or that of the groups choosing). Ticketed events will run 5-20$ an event and will be limited to between 10- 50 people per event. Please note: not everyone will be eligible to attend all events. Some will be AUTHOR ONLY some will be female only, and some will be general admission. these all will be LABELED as such. PLEASE do NOT try to slip into events if your not on the recipient list. Remember, this is all about fun, and while it might look to you that we are picking and choosing on things, truth is, we are. Some of these events are delicate, and are being performed out of the goodness of our presenters hearts. their comfort and their privacy are paramount, and we will all respect that.

So that's what I got for you guys! Ill be back soon to give you guys more info as I get it, be patient! Soon Ill have a list of author activities and other fun things like contests and such!


Thursday, February 3, 2011

Why you should attend AAD as a reader...

Ok so I have gotten this question a lot: "What makes AAD so much better then other cons, IE: why should I spend my money to go?"

Well I have several answers for you. If you have been on the fence about attending, maybe this will sway your decision.

Answer 1: Because AAD gives you the best value for your money. TONS of authors, goodies books, giveaways and we feed you throughout the weekend.

Answer 2: Because readers rule at AAD. At other cons, they focus on the industry or the booksellers or the authors... AAD is all about READERS. no other con gives you as many books and opportunities to hangout with your favorite authors, because no other con has our philosophy.

Answer 3: AAD is interactive. What other con can you do that YOU help choose the Author awards, and where else can you help to influence an authors writing life. As writers, We always need feedback, and actually DO listen to what readers have to say about what they love and hate about our work. Nothing is as helpful as feedback given by readers that you sit and connect with. AAD allows readers and authors to bond in a really fabulous setting, without the stresses of larger cons.

Answer 4: AAD is the one con committed to the one thing we all really want: BOOKS! We keep it affordable so that readers that attend can attend a quality event and STILL buy books of the authors they love and the authors they meet. Without readers buying books, we, as an industry will fail. If its a choice of paying 500$ for registration or under 200$ for registration... What are you going to choose? Me? I would do the 200, and spend the rest on books...

Answer 5: Because we have the most eclectic mix of authors for ANY con. NY pubbed, Small press, and self pubbed are all welcome at AAD, as well as any format (print, Audio, e book).

So how does that grab you?

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Sneak peak on the New Age Workshops!

Ahoy awesome AAD attendees! So i have been hard at work with Patti Hawse, the purveoyer of Karma Faire, to set up a fantastic New Age vendor room AND workshop listing. This really is the first year we are going to do something on this scale and I like to think we are starting off with our best foot forward.

We did this a little different, And some of the workshops will have a price ($5-10 depending on the workshop) and some wont. All prices are payable AT the workshop, so you are not locked into anything.

So? You wanna see what we have going on?

First, Patti will be doing Sunrise (9am) Yoga Friday and Saturday. the price is 10$ a class, and she provides the mats. wake up the right way, refreshed and ready for the con, and enjoy the sunshine as this workshop is done on the roof deck on the 5th floor!

Next, from Geralyn St. Joseph.

Embrace Your Feminine to Awaken his Masculine
- Embracing your femininity helps you awaken the masculine in your lover. Learn how to turn on your feminine charms to attract the man you want.

Playing with Energy - learning to sense and utilize the energy around you for healing and revitalizing yourself and others.

The Power of Gemstones - Learn how to utilize the metaphysical power of common gemstones. We will clear them, charge them and program them for your greatest benefit.

Not sure what the prices will be for these (if any) but we will know soon enough!

Next, from Christine Schreibstien, Soul coach:

Living Within Your Heart
The Law of Attraction is much more than creating a vision board and waiting for the magic to happen. It is living from the birthplace of your soul; your heart. Are you ready to embrace the life you deserve? If so, join us for this one hour informative, joyful and loving hour that will surely begin to open those doors to your destiny.


Another, from Corey Sokoloff and Mirabai Galashan, we have a workshop based off Mirabai's couples workshop. Here is what Corey sent over:
This will be geared for the women at the event to help them awaken and embrace their feminine essence. We will also talk about how energy healing can release old patterns, and stuck emotions keeping them from opening deeper into the feminine and love. We will also show them how to use the feminine to attract the right partner and to put the charge back into existing relationships!

Price: Free!

And We also have a fun alternative excersize event!

Hooping Class, with Stephanie Connell and Boomtown Hoops:
Join Boomtown Hoops for this fun and fit Hooping Class where you’ll learn different hooping dances and maneuvers (hoops will be provided or bring your own). Learn to use the hoop for exercise, dance, and fun! These hoops are different than the old hula hoops of the 50’s. Everyone can use these hoops! Come join in the fun!

Price: $5

I have several others we are waiting on write ups for... but thats a little taste of what we have going on. And we have no less then 10 vendors that include Psychics, fortune tellers, energy workers, and a gemstone seller. Ill have a full list for the New Age vendor room soon so stay tuned!