Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Stella's PSA for September: Author Spots...


 PLEASE do not have your agent call me and try to strong arm me into having you attend AAD as an author. IT WILL NOT HAPPEN. AAD runs on guidelines and rules put forth the very first year we started, in order to be fair to everyone, Small press and NY alike.

I do not invite anyone to this con aside from our Master of Ceremonies. DO NOT have your agent call me and tell you YOU were invited. THAT'S A LIE.

DO NOT tell my staff that YOU have a room already when you haven't registered. That's not possible as you CAN'T get a room for the dates without registering. So THAT'S A LIE.

For your agent to tell me that YOU attending as an attendee is insulting, means that the scores of other authors that are attending just as attendee clearly have an issue. NOTHING makes you better then them, just like NOTHING makes the FA's better then them. If I could have everyone, I would be in order to keep a good mix, we have to cap things. And we have been capped for over a month now.

And Agents: PLEASE do not tell me the other authors you have on your agency that ARE already Featured Authors will be pulling out. For you to take your toys and go home because ONE author on your roster didn't make the cut (and WASN'T invited because we don't invite anyone, nor has your author EVER been emailed by me--- and with AAD I'm the only one that makes decisions) is not only negligent to those other authors but down right stupid. AAD is a wonderful way to reach readers and promote, but you already know that or you wouldn't be trying so hard to get the lone author in. for them to miss it because of ONE person with sour grapes would, if I were in their shoes, piss me off. 

If the authors do pull out, they will be missed, but they will open up spots for the authors that are playing by the rules to attend as featured. This is how AAD works.

AAD has over 55 authors on wait list right now, and no amount of your agent, publicist or Editor calling me will get you in. WE ARE FULL UP AND YOU WERE NEVER INVITED BECAUSE AAD DOESN'T INVITE PEOPLE. In order to be fair to everyone, we take people off the wait list as they got on it.

All having your agent call me does is ensure I will NEVER have you attend the con because you are difficult. I don't make a dime off this con. I owe them and you nothing, and neither does this con. PLEASE do not expect me to just hang the rules because someone with "clout" called me. they do not have clout with me. AAD has integrity, and AAD and I have always upheld the rules we have in place, regardless of what people have tried to push me to do.

Thanks all. I realize that this is total drama, but I feel nipping it in the bud early will ensure minimal dust ups in the future for the con. I understand everyone is REALLY excited about the con, and attending, and Savannah is extremely excited to have us, So things are going to get a little wild. Know that I always have the best of intentions and in order for us to keep operating at the level you have come to expect to bring you awesome goodies, parties and books! 

And BTW, AAD is 50% full and the parties we have planned are INSANE! More on it soon!