Tuesday, November 15, 2011

New Sci Fi Erotic Romance from Bianca D'Arc

It's been a while since I checked in here. I'm not really sure if this is supposed to be a blog just for the AAD convention or if we're still supposed to blog about other stuff when our day rolls around. Whatever! ;-) I got a notice to blog, so here I am! :)
I've been busy since AAD, working on new projects and celebrating a couple of new and upcoming releases. Finally! I know it's been a while since there's been new material from me. I'm glad to finally end the long dry spell.
Just lately, I've had a couple of romances in futuristic space-faring settings. First, a new novel that starts a brand new trilogy from Samhain Publishing, called HIDDEN TALENT. It released in ebook on October 25th and will be in print sometime next year. The second book in the series is titled TALENT FOR TROUBLE and the third will be called SHY TALENT. I anticipate those being released next year, but don't have exact dates yet.
HIDDEN TALENT is based on the premise that in the future, humans have developed and utilized certain kinds of psychic Talents. In some parts of the galaxy, gifted people share their strengths on a Council of those with Talent who rule over a group of planets. In other parts, people with Talent are hunted for their power. Jeri, the heroine of this story is on the run from one such place and she crosses paths with a StarLord, Micah, who is on a covert mission for the Council. He recognizes her abilities and takes her with him aboard his starship.
What happens then is an education for the shy woman who grew up very repressed by Council standards. Aboard the good ship Circe, pleasure is shared freely in pairs or multiples as a way to enhance and recharge Talent. Micah teaches her all about her abilities and how to harness them. He never bargained on falling in love with her, but there it is. They race to help an agricultural world under attack and together, they learn that they are more powerful than either one is alone.
KING OF SWORDS will be rereleased shortly in ebook formats. It is the first story in the Arcana series of novellas that ties into my Jit'suku Chronicles. Other books in the series include the Sons of Amber: Ezekiel & Michael. This story had been previously released as part of an anthology called FORTUNE'S FOOL, a couple of years ago from Phaze. That anthology is out of print now, so I'm reissuing this story in preparation for releasing the other stories in the series.
KING OF SWORDS is set in the Jit'suku universe, a few hundred years before the Sons of Amber stories. I anticipate having a number of related books set in this world, creating a generational saga that follows the consequences of human tinkering with soldiers' DNA, making them Enhanced, better than they were before and more dangerous to both races.
This particular story introduces a little bar on a space station called The Rabbit Hole, where information is passed back and forth to a network of spies working for the good of humanity. When aliens attack and try to subdue the station, it's up to a couple of retired soldiers turned spies and a clairvoyant civilian woman to repell the invaders. She teams up with one Enhanced soldier in particular. Together can they retake the station and find a love that will last for all time?
The second Arcana story is called KING OF CUPS and will be out in December. It follows the proprietor of The Rabbit Hole and his clairvoyant card dealer on an adventure into Jit'suku space. Few who have gone there have ever returned. They find themselves on an adventure of epic proportions simply by tryinig to help someone out of a jam. Trapped aboard an alien spaceship, they can no longer deny the attraction that has raged between them for months. Can they overcome their differences and find a solution to an intergalactic problem at the same time?
That takes me to the end of the year, but I have a lot more planned for 2012, so stay tuned! :)

Thursday, November 10, 2011


We have gotten all the NY authors Accepted as of Today (with two that will not be announced till after January). Thank you to everyone that is coming and to those that registered but never got back to us about being a FA- YOU ARE NOT A FA because you never contacted us back about being one IE: you probably haven't been checking your email). The Featured Authors for 2012 for NY authors will be up on the website as of MIDNIGHT Friday.

Thanks to everyone! We still have several small press spots open though. if you are a small press author, registered, and dont see your name on the website, you are NOT a FA. You need to contact us about that.

Thanks ALL!


Sunday, November 6, 2011

Attention Book clubs!

Are you attending AAD NOLA With more then 4 members?
Wanna set up a special book signing with 3 favorite authors attending?
How about a a special book club meet and greet with potential new to you authors?
How about helping us out with the book club panel and workshop?
Contact Stella ASAP with this information: Bookclub Name, # and names of the attending members, Book Club focus, Favorite Authors and where is the Book club set up! (blueflamesabove@yahoo.com)

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

in regards to questions I have been getting lately...

Running a con is never an exact science. So many factors come into play for so many different subjects, it’s hard to be able to include everything. The key events for AAD 2012 are locked down way in advance and we're in full swing nailing down the details of the conference for you all.
We have been getting constructive feedback on the way things are run for 2012 and have already started putting plans into motion to address those suggestions in 2013.

For example, I can speak of the Strictly Self-Published authors out there and their involvement with the con itself. As of this time, AAD doesn’t have a precedence for SSP authors, or didn’t until we realized we needed to for the future cons. With AAD’s 80 authors list already locked in, we will not be accepting any SSP author for this year. In the past, we have never had a SSP author with us so it honestly didn’t cross my mind. Now that there's interest, I'm putting things into place to include them for 2013.

For 2013, SSP authors will have to meet several requirements to be a featured author. I’m working out the kinks on it now, but we are striving to make it fair and beneficial to all involved, especially the readers. I will be putting the requirements out for 2013 once everything is figured out.

October Featured Author Spotlights

Hey all! Planning for Authors After Dark 2012 in New Orleans is in full swing and we're looking forward to having a great time with all of you.

In the meantime, our fantastic bloggers are already starting to do spotlights on the featured authors of AAD NOLA. Here's the spotlights from October:

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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

TJ Michaels is here... And she got FREEBIES!

Squeeee really is a word!
Totally excited to bring you FREE STUFF! Carinian's Seeker, Vampire Council of Ethics Book 1, published by Samhain Publishing, is FREE from November 1, 2011 to November 14, 2011. This book was nominated for a CAPA award for Best Paranormal Romance of the Year by The Romance Studio and is one of my favorites. It's a bit of a different take on sexy vampires in that none of these guys are dead. But they are gorgeous, deadly and on a mission. Get it free from Amazon or Barnes and Noble for your Nook or Kindle.
In addition, we're also celebrating the release of Egyptian Voyage, a paranormal tale with exquisitely evil bad guys, kick ass heroines and even more kick-ass heroes, all on a race of life and death across the Mediterranean. Use this code à AQ73D and get 35% off on this full-length book over at Smashwords.
Happy reading!