Tuesday, August 26, 2014


5 reasons to do The Novel Experience:


  1. It’s Vegas. It’s cheap. Like cheapy cheap. 149-189 a night depending on the room you choose. On a hotel RIGHT ON THE STRIP! Oh and its 3 days pre and post for the prices too! Make a vacation outta it for a fraction of the price!
  2.  Over 350 readers have already signed on! We are expecting a LOT more!
  3. Unlike AAD, we have room for 300+ authors as our ballroom is MASSIVE. If you have been trying to get into AAD, this is JUST LIKE AAD, but more author opportunities. AUTHOR SPOTS ARE STILL OPEN! Spots are 200$ and include YOU and your Assistant, food all day in the Author green room, and a Friday night welcome event! (Possibly some other goodies from the Vegas Convention Bureau--- we are working on it!)
  4. As TNEE is in its infancy, authors are able to help us shape the event to be what THEY would like it to be with afterhours events, off sites and Daytime craziness!
  5. Authors that sign on for 2015’s event will get first opportunities for 2016, AND a freebie VIP ticket to give to one of their readers!


  1. It’s VEGAS for CHEAP! Like cheapy cheap. 149-189 a night depending on the room you choose. On a hotel RIGHT ON THE STRIP! Oh and its 3 days pre and post for the prices too! Make a vacation outta it for a fraction of the price!
  2. MANY genres will be in attendance, including Romance, Scifi/fantasy, Steampunk, YA, NA, Horror, Mystery and others!
  3. TONS of awesome opportunities to hangout with authors ALL OVER VEGAS! Several authors are getting off site parties together for Vegas shows (like Thunder from Down under, and Absinthe) and will be offering contests for special meals and events with them--- fully paid! (But you gotta be registered with us to qualify!)
  4. THE EVENT IS FREE TO ATTEND! That’s right, FREE! Rooms are the ONLY thing you need to pay (aside from your transportation) to attend the event. Staying at the hotel is preferred, as there’s going to be awesome extras that will be cropping up at the hotel!
  5. Readers are our focus at this event! From the big signing to the evening parties, Authors and readers will explore Vegas together!


That’s right!

AUTHORS! Registration from 8/27-Sept 2 is only 180$ (you save 20$!)(use AuthorsLaborDaySale for the code)

READERS! Attendance is FREE but should you want a VIP ticket, its only 62.50$ from 8/27-Sept 2!!!! That’s 50% off the VIP price! (use Labor Day Sale for the Code)

So spread the word, get registered, and get ready 

Friday, August 15, 2014

AAD 2015... the FINAL list of amazing Authors!

Hey everyone!

So we are announcing the full list of authors for 2015's Authors After Dark, happening August 12-16 in Atlanta Georgia, at the Sheraton Downtown hotel! Registration will open SEPTEMBER 5th at Noon...

So... Ready?

Sherrilyn Kenyon
Saranna DeWylde
Rebecca Zanetti
Kiernan Kelly
Boone Brux
Rita Sawyer
Sidney Bristol
Lacie Nation
Beth Williamson
Lissa Matthews
Eliza Gayle
Jennifer Estep
T. Lynne Tolles
Tilly Greene
Alyssa Breck
Diana Castilleja/ Diana DeRicci
Bronwyn Green
Jessica Jarman
Liz Schulte
Julia Talbot
BA Tortuga
Jenn LeBlanc
Ann Mayburn
Stacey Kennedy
Mina Khan
Kris Norris
C.J. Ellisson
Stephanie Julian
Heather Long
TJ Michaels
Marianne Morea
Ciara Knight
kerry adrienne
Kerrianne Coombes
Carrie Ann Ryan
MK Mancos/Kathleen Scott
Jae Lynne Davies
Sherri L. King
Jenny Trout/Abigail Barnette
Desiree Holt
Amy Gregory
Mel Schroeder
T.C. Blue
Robyn Peterman
Bianca Sommerland
Olivia Jaymes
Roz Lee
Connie Suttle
Vella Day
Sara York
A.D. Roland
Brandy Walker
Melinda Harris
S.P. Cervantes
J.M. Madden
Hildie McQueen
Julie Morgan
Milly Taiden
Teresa D'Amario
Sasha White
Tracy Wolff
ML Guida
Coreene Callahan
Suzanne Johnson
Jennifer Ashley
S.A. Price
Cat Johnson
Eve Langlais
Jennah Scott
Sahara Kelly
Jess Haines
Jodi Vaughn
Carrie Clevenger
Candace Belvins
Nancy Naigle
Jettie Necole
Joy Daniels
Chudney Thomas
Marissa Dobson
Cheryl Dragon
Kristen Painter
Taylor Law
JA Howell
Becca St. John
Lia Davis
Leanna Renee Hieber
AL Davroe
Lia Habel
Jolynne Valerie
Normandie Alleman
Kirsten Osbourne
Caryn Moya Block
Dena Garson
Andrew Grey
Yvette Hines
Lorelei James
Eve Vaughn
Louisa Bacio
Jayne Rylon
Bianca D’Arc

We cant wait to have one hell of an event next August! And if you didnt get a Featured author spot, PLEASE NOTE that there will be other limited opportunities for authors that are NOT featured to get in on, but we will not be announcing these till the day registration opens, as to better ensure we hit every possible opportunity.

Alternately, we have another event, THE NOVEL EXPERIENCE and while AAD only allows for 100 Featured authors, TNEE isnt limited as such. We have room for 500 at TNEE< and it is cheaper than AAD, and has a lot of readers attending. We are suggesting to any author that didnt make the list for AAD to sign on for that event as its the best option we have for you, and is, infact a gateway to AAD in future years.

Welcome to all authors for AAD 2015! Expect emails soon!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Novel Experience: WHY should I Attend as an author?

So We have been getting a very loaded question here at AAD/ Romance Ink… That question is, WHY AS AN AUTHOR SHOULD *I* DO THE NOVEL EXPERIENCE?

I’m glad people are asking that question. There are a TON of reasons why, as an author you should do it, but first and foremost this: TNEE was created to give EVERYONE, traditionally published, indie published and small press published the arena to promote and sell their books in an environment that’s fair for everyone, and won’t break an author’s bank.

There is a serious need for an event that doesn’t limit who can sign to traditionally published. Readers don’t care HOW a book is published, only that it IS and there is new stuff to read. All authors have the right to get out there to reach new readers, and TNEE is one of those events that is striving to get readers and authors together.

This event was created for YOU, to give authors every opportunity to hit readers. We chose Las Vegas because it’s a great party town, you can work, and play and connect with the readers you have for very little money.

The CVB for Vegas is even giving us some AMAZING pricing on party buses, events and Shows… so Vegas is even MORE affordable with this event. And we also have the CHEAPEST room rate available at a strip hotel for ANY event in lit…. You can’t beat that!

Some other awesome stuff?

TNEE will never take your money from your book sales. EVER. We are a nonprofit, and have made the event affordable enough that we can get lots of authors in, to pay for the event itself. We will never charge you for your books because our bookseller will never expect to sell your books for you.  Event is 200$ for a table for Saturday, and gets you and your assistant in for the con, and access to the Green room (food and Booze all day on Sat!) and your name on all promo goodies (provided you sign on before January 1st as we start printed promo then).

Room rates are actually between 149 and 189 a night depending on on peak/ off peak and what kinda rooms you get. They DO have suites, cottages and villas at special prices but you must already be registered to get them!

As TNEE is in its infancy, we will be working with the authors and the publishers that are interested in making this event something amazing. The hotel has offered some prime options (especially as we will be there for more than one year) to help mold this into an event that can rival what’s out there now. We are SUPER excited to have the options, and can’t wait to see what both author groups and publishers come up with.

As of right now, we have over 300 readers signed on for it, and more coming every day. We are expecting between 1400-2000 people over the span of the event and we have room for 500 authors in Las Vegas, and we think YOU would have a great time meeting readers and selling books. We know that the CVB is is already advertizing this event for us, and they have already helped to get our bookseller!

Oh and did I mention… Readers go FREE. That’s right, FREE. They can either WIN a VIP ticket or pay for one, and EVERY author attending gets the opportunity to give away a VIP ticket to their readers to get them excited to go. But I mean… its VEGAS so who isn’t excited to go right?

This is the cheapest biggest signing and party event in literature, one that is fostering a good time for little money. Why not try it out, become part of an event that puts you and the readers first.

Registration is already open and names will be added to the website weekly starting Sept. 1st. Our website has more info, and the link to register for the event. Room reservation are also already open, and the info for it will be in your conformation email from the ticket site.

Check out our website: http://novelexperienceevent.org and we hope to see you this coming spring!

Friday, August 8, 2014

Cover Reveal: Southern Roots by Julie Morgan

Cover reveal for Julie Morgan
Southern Roots

Returning home never looked so good...
Home from college to help her mother on the family farm, Lexi Griffin expects things to be quiet and normal. She's back in her hometown, and everything is the same as she left it, including the slowly mending broken heart given to her by her high school sweet heart, Blaine.

After years away, Robert Shaw has returned to his hometown for his father's wedding, looking forward to reconnect with old friends, but he has no clue what's in store for him when he sees Lexi again. Sparks fly between the two, and Lexi is a bit reluctant to start anything with Robert, especially when past wounds haven't healed the way they should have. Robert is determined to have her, against all odds and good sense. A girl like her came around once in a lifetime, and he never forgot her.

And then Blaine comes back to town, intent on rekindling what he had with Lexi, even though his past cheating and drug use has slightly soured him in her eyes. She still loves him, but can she forgive him?

As Lexi takes a leap of faith, she suddenly faces the ultimate betrayal from one she trusted. Will she realize the truth in time or will corruption ruin the best thing that has just walked out of her life?

So? What do you think? Do you like it? Personally, I LOVE it! Southern Roots is the story of Robert (aka: Bobby Ray) returning home, his getting (intimately) reacquainted with Lexi and the run in they both experience with Blaine, Abby and a world of disaster. Southern Roots is a contemporary romance set in modern times. It's fast paced, exciting and balls out fun as hell of a read! Remember what it felt like to fall in love with your One? Take that ride along with Bobby Ray and Lexi as they experience what love is like after a HUGE heartbreak. 

About the author

Julie Morgan

Originally from Burleson, Texas Julie always had a love of books, especially paranormal stories. Julie finally took the leap and began writing with encouragement from her family. 
Having worked in IT her entire career, Julie now spends her free time writing. Living in Central Florida with her husband and daughter, her favorite pastime is reading children's stories to her daughter, especially those around animals.

Julie is also the author for Chronicles of the Fallen series. Check out her other stories on Amazon and Good Reads on the links below!

Connect with Julie Morgan:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/juliemorganbook
Twitter: https://twitter.com/JulieMorganBook
Blog: http://juliemorganbooks.com/
Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/author/juliemorgan
Good Reads: https://www.goodreads.com/juliemorganbooks