Sunday, February 7, 2016

Rocker romance? No. Not this bitch.

In taking Bianca Sommerland’s lead, I need to confess something. 

I write Metalcore Romance. 

See I’m tired of trying to lump what I do in with these ”rock” romances, because I don’t write the popular idea of a “rock star”. My guys don’t have long hair, and drug habits, they aren’t groupie crazy and they have respect for women. So many rock books out right now deal with what I call ‘peter pan syndrome” where the guys are like fucking lost boys. Well I don’t write that.

My guys are contemporary. They have tattoos and piercings. They aren’t giant gym rats that women assume rock stars look like. They aren’t practicing doms (cuz that shit is LAUGHABLE--- these guys don’t have time to sleep let alone be a practicing dom… though I know they are kinky as fuck… ), their music is heavy, and means more to their fans than anything else out there. They treat the band like a business, and while they might have wild times, they aren’t ruining their careers with drug addictions, drama and rehab. 

The bands are realistic, to a fault, even though I write paranormal. 

The bands I write are a direct result of the music. Bands like From Autumn to Ashes, Ice Nine Kills, The Birthday Massacre, Motionless in White, Upon a Burning Body, All Out War, Grade, Thrice, and others, are what fuel’s the words on the page. There’s NO hair bands in my work.

So if that’s what you are looking for, Hair Bands, my shit is not the shit for you. But if you are a Lover of the music I love, then you will like my books.

My boys and girls are caustic, fun, super pop culture, and above all responsible adults. NO off the cuff drama, because who the fuck wants drama in a good time?  

So fuck the Rock and Roll Romance designation. I listen to Metalcore, so I'm writing Metalcore. A better tip o the hat to these amazing musicians I couldn’t ever think of. 

So if you love metalcore, Like romance books, and lots of naughty sex in those romance books… I am the author for you. 

If not. Cool. But I’m through trying to fit a round peg in a square hole. I'm writing a subgenre of a subgenre. And I know there are readers out there that are looking for it. So my books will now be labeled METALCORE ROMANCE on amazon. 

It makes sense. If you write Metalcore bands, consider that suggestion. 


That's right 8 books... the band (13 Shades of Red) are Metalcore... let them show you why rock isn't as cool as metal. 

Sex, Love and Metal,