Friday, September 30, 2011


in 5 minutes to the already registered attendees. PLEASE NOTE: ONLY registered attendees can get their rooms at this time.

Give the email list TIME to send them out... if you haven't received one in 5 hours, the contact me personally.

Thanks for your patience and understanding with all of this!


Sunday, September 25, 2011

Updates on authors for NOLA

Hey all. I have been getting some odd emails about "author acceptance" for NOLA. I figured I would post about it here, to clear the air.

Author acceptance only happens once you have registered and gotten the acceptance email.

The Acceptance email states what we are looking for in featured authors. to date we have sent out 53 emails, and received 8 back. that is a HUGE difference. If you have registered as an author you got an email with the information.

Once you are accepted as a Featured Author, you will get links to Panel stuff, Book info and other information. This is the ONLY way you will be able to sign and be on panels.

So PLEASE... check your email if you have already registered. Odds are you have missed an email.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Room updates... the final ONE!


Looked at the POG a few minutes ago.

they have yet to add the 7th and 13th to the list. Once they do we will be sending the link for the pog out to those REGISTERED, and the link will ONLY work through the registration email portal. DO NOT give the link to anyone outside of your registration email, BECAUSE
A: it will only work for YOU and ONCE.
B: We are attempting to make sure Only Registered people get rooms so we wont have the issues we had THIS year with people NOT attending the con using the room block.


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

rooms at AAD nola

AAD NOLA has worked out a new deal with the hotel...

We have a good amount of rooms available now for our room blocks...

Tuesday the 7th:50
Wed: 150
Thurs: 210
Friday: 210
Saturday: 210
Sunday: 50
Monday: 25

So this means....

that there Are and will be rooms available for everyone for the time they wanna be there. I know you guys wanna stay at the hotel longer, and now your able to on the con price for the rooms!

The POG will be up tomorrow from what I was told just now so please be patient!

Info on AAD room reservations

Hey Everyone.

Thought I would clear the air...

PLEASE do not call and make a room reservation. it will not count towards our room block. The only way the rooms will count towards the block is to do it through the online POG (which we will be sending out the link via the registered list as soon as its open).

This past year we had 7 rooms credited to our room block that weren't rooms of people registered for the con, and that caused issues, and had people staying at other hotels. We are attempting to make sure that doesn't happen, so that is why the POG is so important.

Oh and FYI, After speaking to our Conference Liaison yesterday, we were told we had no rooms reserved to our block... and today I hard from three people that they reserved their rooms already... so those rooms wouldn't have been credited because they weren't counting them towards it, regardless of what they said at the front desk.

So if you have reserved a room already by phone PLEASE CALL AND cancel it and wait for the POG. this will ensure you get a room in the room block, for the right price and it wont be canceled because the numbers dont match up.

Thanks guys! POG info should be up today or tomorrow... so check your Emails!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Bookie Awards Polls Are LIVE!

Hi Everyone!

For those of you keeping track of the Bookie Awards, the nominees have been recorded and polls are now open. To access the site, click HERE. Voting closes at midnight on October 1st.

Congratulations and good luck to all the nominees!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Bookie Awards Nominations

Welcome to September!

First, we wanted to remind everyone that the AAD Yahoo group will close as of today. If you want to be informed of the latest news regarding the con, be sure to join the AAD Forum where we've been working hard to bring you some great features!

Now...for those of you who are interested in watching your favorites walk away with a 2012 Bookie Award, you'll want to make sure you've filled out the ballot by September 15th! That's right, only TWO WEEKS to nominate your favorites in over 45 categories! To access the form click HERE!

That's all for today. Don't forget...registration for AAD 2012 in New Orleans opens on September 6th! We're looking forward to the madness!