Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Passion Unleashed Released!

You know, books are like kids -- you don't want to pick a favorite.  You love them all, but for different reasons.  I love Pleasure Unbound because it was my first solo single title.  And I love Eidolon. *g*  

I love Desire Unchained because I really liked the heroine, Runa, and I loved the dynamic between her and Shade.  I also loved the darkness in the book.

But Passion Unleashed is special.  Wraith was always the most fun to write, and his book was no exception.  It was hard too, but that only made the finished product more rewarding.  I'm very pleased and Wraith's story, and I hope you like it as much as I do!

IN STORES NOW!!!!  Yay!!!!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Busy Busy Spring

I don't know that Spring has anything to do with it but things sure are hopping around here.

The biggest change for me this month is in my personal life. I've picked up a couple of extra kids for the next few months, ages 6 years and 4 months. It's been more than a decade since i've had a baby in my house and WOW i've forgotten just how much work it entails. A sure sign of age I guess. lol

I'm also continuing to work on my Black Cougar series and soon as I get the release date for the Kane, the second in the series, i'll let you know.

Next month my convention travels begin and you can find me and many other great authors at several cons this year. First up will be the Romantic Times Booklovers Convention beginning April 22nd.

In May, Book Expo of America, June is the Lori Foster Event, September is DragonCon and October is the fabulous Authors After Dark Con in NY. It's going to be an exciting year.

Hopefully next month I will have settled into my new routine and will have more info to share including pics directly from RT.

Until next time,


Friday, March 20, 2009

It's Spring!

At last!!!!!!!

I know there are people who love winter with all the snow and cold weather, but I’m not one of them. Actually, I hate winter and my entire mood lifts when spring finally hits J Plus, I love this spring because it means the release of two books, Darkness Revealed and Seducing the Viscount. I’m pleased to say that they are both doing well. In fact, I just heard from my publisher that they’re interested in four more of my Darkness series…yeah. I’ve loved writing these books and can only hope that my readers are equally happy.

What else…hmmmm…actually I’ve been incredibly boring as I’m working on Salvatore’s story and trying to make sure my oldest son has all his ducks in a row to graduate from college in May. I’m not sure they could make it more confusing J I hope all of you are having a more exciting time.

Let me know how you celebrate the first of spring.

Happy days,

Sunday, March 15, 2009

FireDrake in Print This Month

Okay - I'm changing this blog from what I had up first because it was too damned depressing. Sorry. I will try to be upbeat now.

Life is good.

Just keep saying that.

I suppose life is good for me this month considering FireDrake will be out in print at the end of the month. It's already hit some of the genre best seller lists on Amazon, which is amazing to me. So here's a little info about the book...

A knight most unexpected…

Fifteen years ago, Drake left everything behind for a life in the shadows. While it broke his heart to leave his grieving dragon behind, serving Draconia as head of a network of spies suited him better. Far better than never quite measuring up to Mace, the “perfect” knight his father wished he could have been.

Mace has always done his duty, and done it well. Drake, his childhood friend and rival, was the charmer who effortlessly stole every woman who caught Mace’s eye. Some things never change—not one day back in town, and Drake’s already putting the moves on Krysta, the woman Mace has been courting.

And now the three of them have taken on the dangerous task of rescuing a kidnapped prince.
With each day that passes on their perilous journey, Krysta sinks deeper into the complicated relationship between the two men and their meddling, matchmaking dragons. Mace is clearly the safer choice for a mate; yet Drake tantalizes her with that unpredictable gleam in his eye. When the three of them come together, any sense of torn loyalty burns away in nights of fiery passion.
The safety of the stolen prince hanging in the balance, Krysta accepts the challenge to unite two strong men—and their dragons—into a real family.

If the fire within doesn’t burn them all to cinders first.

Warning: This title contains explicit sex, graphic language, ménage a trois, and hot dragon mating flights.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Read and E book Winners

Hello everyone!

its been a week of crazy for me, and I thank you guys all for commenting in the past days and asking for the free ebooks. I hope you all enjoy them. So shall we get with the winners?

Winner of the Duvall Inc Series is JUDY
Winner of the Dragon Elementals Series is Eva S
Winner of the Eververse series is Lisa Anderson

Congrats, and please email me at stella@stellaandaudra.com and Ill send those e books out ASAP.

And guess what? Im picking one more winner, to have a copy of The Soft Edge of Midnight, the prequel of the Keepers of Twilight series. Winner is: Lady Kelon

Congrats and Thanks for hanging out with me everyone. More contests on the way!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

YAY! Its that time of the month again!

Yep.. for me to post here! Its been a wild month before this to say the least. We got out new cover for our snake books, Audra has started a new snake breeding business and I have been hard at work to gt everything ready for RT. And then, yesterday, we set AAD live! SOOO excited! You all have to come!But more about that in a minute.

Since its Read an E book Week, I'm giving away E books! That's right, not only am i giving away the free books we have, but to three lucky winners from this blog, I will be giving away an e book series of ours! That's right! One will get the Dragon Elementals series (Fire in His Eyes and Deep Water) one will get the Eververse Series ( Sugar and Sin, Silk and Stell, Frost and Flame) and one will get the Duvall Inc Series (Wishes, Glamour, Gifts and London for the Holidays) Cool right? Well its my way of saying READ A DAMN E BOOK.. and GET HOOKED! LOL So you wanna win? Comment here What one you wanna win and why and I'll pick winners On friday right here! and about those other free ebooks Email me at Stella@stellaandaudra.com and I'll send you Bargain by Starlight, Enjoy the Afterverse and Blood on the Harvest Moon.

Now. to show off the cover...

Nice right? We like it. Its for our soon to be out book Beyond the Vision of Dreams, the first in our Knossos West weresnake series, and its out April 13th 2009. Yes, I will be posting about it again, so never fear, but please, consider picking it up on release day, Audra and I have never been an opening week best seller and this book is so good. and UBER sexy and hot that you just HAVE to want to read it. Here is the blurby:

What do you do when the woman of your dreams shows up on your doorstep?

Remy Crane, an unmated were python, has been having some extremely erotic dreams for the past week about a woman he's sure doesn't exist. Imagine his surprise when he wakes up one morning and finds the woman of his dreams standing just inside the front door of the Weresnake compound.

He recognises Chrissy Stanford as his mate, albeit instinctually only, and decides he needs to have her in his bed. Little does he know she's going to become part of his heart as well.

Reader Advisory: This book contains erotic dreams and a hot hero and heroine who turn into snakes once a month. Find out why scales are the new fur.

And if your so inclined, we have an excerpt up HERE.

Also, I have a signing this weekend in Scranton PA with my girls Cat Johnson, Tilly Greene and Donna Michaels. Its a St. Pattys day theme, and I'll be bringing mint brownies with me. come hangout and eat my brownies, and buy my books. LOL.

So lets talk about AAD... and more over, the reasons WHY you should attend. For one, its a fraction of the cost of RT, and is in October. Yep. So you got almost a full year to figure it out. And, if your flying from anywhere in the continental US, it isnt that expensive to fly to either stewart or newark. Both are the closest airport. So you should come. And... we have 30 authors coming! 30! thats right! Amazing authors like Jacquelyn Frank, Sunny, Joey W Hill, Sara Reinke, Patrice Michelle (tentative), and many others, as well as some of your favorite small press authors like myself, Bianca, Mechele Armstrong and many others. Check out the WEBSITE for more details, and come and be party of Romance history: a new con has emerged!

So comment here, Talk about the books, and the con, and win win win! dont forget, everyone who emails me will get free the three free books I mentioned eariler, and three commenters that post here will win a series each!

XoXo, and happy e book Week!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Come One! Come All!

Howdy! I have soooo much to tell you! I am having a party! Allow me to officially introduce to you the Authors After Dark Event! This will be a fabulous private party with you, the readers, and us, your favorite paranormal writers! That's what makes this weekend so special...it's all paranormal and it all going to be great fun! We're going to have a Candy Shop Pajama party the first night, and a dinner and a masquerade the next! We'll be blowing out both nights with a DJ and dancing and you will be rubbing elbows with all your favorite authors the whole time!

I know there are a lot of events out there these days, and I know the economy is making things rough, but if you want to spend a fun weekend with us we promise you won't regret it. And besides, we're having an author signing event you won;t want to miss where you can get your books signed by favorite authors like Sunny, Rosemary Laurey, and, of course, me! The registration is as fair as we could make it and we got a real cheap room rate for hotel rooms considering it is going to be during the fall in beautiful upstate NY.

All of the information is on the site when you follow the link. So is the paypal button you can use for quick and convenient registration. If you don't like paypal, no worries! We have instructions for that as well! :)

I really hope to see you there. I love nothing more than meeting my readers, and I am certain the same is true for the other authors. And hey, maybe you'll be introduced to some you didn't realize were out there!

Now for new business. Or rather, old business! I realized recently that I promised a copy of Ecstacy, signed, to one of my commentors on the blog before my surgery. Well, you can imagine why I forgot about it, but it's still no excuse. I wanted to let you know that I have chosen a winner! Marni, I know you are a Kindle gal, but would you like a paperback book signed from me? Send your name and address to me at jacquelynfrank@hotmail.com.

As for the rest of you, I just got in a BIG box of RAPTURE ARCs!! I am going to give away two of them. One to one of the commentors on the AAD blog, and one to one of the commentors on my home blog. Best let me hear you all! What do you think of my party? Whose coming? Anything you want to say!

See you soon!
Hugs and Kitties

Sunday, March 1, 2009

A Little Late...

I'm losing my mind.  I really am.

See, my scheduled day here at Authors After Dark is the 30th of the month.  So during February, I sat by and patiently awaited for the 30th.  

It is now March 1st.

Because I'm a moron who forgot that there are only 28 days in February.


So anyway, here I am, a day late and a lot of dollars short.

But the good news is that my second Demonica book, Desire Unchained, just released!  Yay!!!!  I've been waiting for this one to hit the shelves for 7 months, and it seems like forever!

AND...for those of you who haven't read the first book, Pleasure Unbound, Grand Central Publishing is doing a special promotion -- you can now get Pleasure Unbound in ebook (including Kindle) format for $1!  Just check with your favorite etailers.

Okay, off to check my calendar to see what else I've managed to screw up!  Have a great week, everyone!