Friday, March 20, 2009

It's Spring!

At last!!!!!!!

I know there are people who love winter with all the snow and cold weather, but I’m not one of them. Actually, I hate winter and my entire mood lifts when spring finally hits J Plus, I love this spring because it means the release of two books, Darkness Revealed and Seducing the Viscount. I’m pleased to say that they are both doing well. In fact, I just heard from my publisher that they’re interested in four more of my Darkness series…yeah. I’ve loved writing these books and can only hope that my readers are equally happy.

What else…hmmmm…actually I’ve been incredibly boring as I’m working on Salvatore’s story and trying to make sure my oldest son has all his ducks in a row to graduate from college in May. I’m not sure they could make it more confusing J I hope all of you are having a more exciting time.

Let me know how you celebrate the first of spring.

Happy days,


Stella Price said...

Well you know i LOVED DR. LOVED it. and I'm always waiting on your books to come out. MORE of the DARKNESS series! YAY!

Today I'm getting ready for the BSG finale tonight, and my signing tomorrow. Heres hoping your son gets everything done! May is a good month- I turn 30!

Stephanie*magic* said...

Well, today it was a beautiful day! 76 degrees! After all the cold and rain its a perfect way to start Spring! :D
I got DR in the mail!!!
Cant wait to start it!!
Happy writing!
Take care.

Amanda said...

Yay more Darkness books!!! Love them! Can't wait!

Good luck with your son's college transition. It is VERY complicated, (I just graduated) and I would love to tell you it gets easier, but that would be lying. :(

WOOHOO! I'm so excited, can you tell!! HAHA.