Friday, May 1, 2015


Sponsored by the amazing and talented authors: 

Marianna Morea, Milly Taiden, Eliza Gayle, Sasha White, TJ Michaels, JM Gregorie, Tilly Greene, Jenny Trout, Bianca Sommerland, Diana Castilleja, Julie Morgan, Stella Price and Nicky Jayne!

Are you an AAD virgin? Wanna attend this year In Atlanta? Can you get your own room for 4 nights?

Well we want to give you a ticket!

See we thought about it, and wanted to get a few more virgins in for the event, to see how awesome it is , and how fun it is for readers.  So the authors involved decided to get together and EACH pay for one Virgin to attend… so 14 VIRGINS (ooh this sounds like the makings of a horror flick) will get tickets!

Want it?

Ok here’s the details:

Reader has to be an AAD VIRGIN (IE: has never attended before)
Reader must pay their own transportation
Reader MUST get a room for 4 days (WED-Sunday) MINIMUM.
Reader cannot room with anyone that already has a ticket and cannot room with anyone else that has won a free ticket.
Reader cannot exchange the prize for money. It has no cash value.

Readers CAN invite a friend to come and stay with them, as long as they purchase a ticket for themselves.

Entering is EASY! Just fill this out: 

Please note: Only fill this out if you are SURE you can get a room and get to the event. If You are not sure, PLEASE DO NOT ENTER. SERIOUS ENTRIES ONLY.