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NEW ORLEANS by Cat Johnson

Think Bachelor Party (1984 Tom Hanks, Tawny Kitaen) meets Bridesmaids (2011 Kristen Wiig, Maya Rudolph) with a bit of The Hangover (2009 Bradley Cooper) and a whole lot of sex thrown in. That's NEW ORLEANS, my new short story release. I wrote it to celebrate my first visit to The Big Easy--as you know, my fellow authors and I, along with a few hundred readers and some bloggers, will be invading the French Quarter this August. Bourbon Street may never be the same, especially after my night as guest author at the Bourbon Cowboy for the Authors After Dark Pub Crawl.

So, being so creative, I set the story right there in NOLA. Being extra creative, I had the four girls get into a whole lot of trouble in a very short amount of time, which hopefully will not happen to me in August. There's a bachelor party and a hot set of twin brothers, a real stripper, a fake stripper, an entire bridal party and their friends, and free flowing Hurricane cocktails. All the makings for a hot romp I hope my readers find entertaining. So check it out and maybe I'll see you in NOLA in August. Bring bail money. And remember, in New Orleans anything can happen...and it usually does.

NEW ORLEANS by Cat Johnson

When I agreed to be my best friend’s maid of honor, I thought it would be fun. Maybe I’d even meet a nice, single guy at the reception. But now the bride is missing, I have the hang over from hell and it seems I may have accidentally had sex with the groom last night while pretending to be a stripper to spy on him at his bachelor party… Or maybe I didn’t.

It’s hard to tell since I can’t remember much past drinking that last Hurricane on Bourbon Street. There’s also this matter of the groom’s identical twin brother and the fact they have a habit of switching places.

I do know one thing, nothing is what it seems in New Orleans. Anything can happen…and it usually does.


I made the supreme sacrifice and lifted my head to try and see the rest of the room. After all, I was the maid of honor. I suppose checking to see if I’d lost the bride was the least I could do.

There was a lump under the covers in the other bed. Unless I’d picked up a stranger and brought him or her home, at least one member of our party was accounted for.

“Beth?” Wishful thinking on my part, but I croaked the possibly missing bride’s name as loudly as my pounding head and scratchy throat would allow, hoping the lump would respond.

“Ugh. Holy hell, I feel like crap. Did I get run over by a truck last night?” Marci’s muffled voice preceded the arm that snaked its way out from beneath the covers.

“I have no idea. Where are Jen and Beth?” I braced myself on one elbow and tried not to sway since the room seemed to be doing enough moving on its own.

“I don’t know.” Marci lifted the covers and peered under them. “Christ, my feet are sore.”

Come to think of it, I was pretty achy too, but it wasn’t my feet that were sore. It was a much more intimate area—one that hadn’t been used in quite a while. Not since I’d had my last steady boyfriend. Uh, oh.

“You guys okay?”

I heard the disembodied voice come from the vicinity of the bathroom. “Jen?”

“Yeah. I seem to have slept on the bathroom floor. But judging by what’s in the toilet, that was a good thing.” There was the sound of a flush, and then Jen stumbled out of the bathroom, holding on to the wall. “Hurricanes don’t look as good in the toilet the morning after.”

Phew, another one accounted for. Now all I needed was to hear Beth’s voice and I’d be the happiest hung over girl in the world. “Beth didn’t happen to be in the bathroom with you, did she?”

Jen frowned. “No. She’s not out here with you guys?”

Marci leaned over the edge of her bed and checked the floor. “Nope. Ugh, that was a bad move.” She pressed her hand to her head.

“I think we lost her.” I looked from Marci to Jen, starting to really panic now. “What do we do?”

“Call her family?” Jen suggested.

I let out a snort. “And tell them what? I got drunk and misplaced their daughter? That I possibly left her somewhere to get killed or kidnapped?”

“Jen or I could call. We just have to be a little sneaky about it.” Marci glanced from me to Jen. “One of us can call their house and pretend we’re not with the others and ask if Beth’s there. I mean she grew up in New Orleans. That’s why we all had to fly our asses here from all over the country for the wedding. Maybe she went home to her family’s house last night after we passed out.”

“Let’s try calling her cell phone first.” I didn’t think any one of us currently had the capacity to lie to Beth’s parents, forget about her Marine Corps fiancé.

“Good idea.” Jen, who was already standing, stumbled from the wall to the dresser where a purse sat next to the lamp. I recognized that purse. It was mine. That was good. One more piece of the puzzle found. When Jen pulled my phone out of it, my hopes rose a bit higher. She squinted at the readout, then hit a few buttons.

A vibrating in my pocket had me jumping. I may have been moving a little slowly but a feeling of dread descended upon me the moment Jen’s call to Beth’s phone made my ass vibrate.

“Crap.” I reached beneath me and pulled out a cell phone. “Why do I have Beth’s phone?”

“Wait, I remember that.” Marci held up a hand.

“Me too!” Jen nodded, then pressed her hand to her head and groaned.

Thank God. At least they could remember something. “What do you remember?”

“Beth was drunk and pissed at John for lying about having a stripper at his bachelor party. So you took Beth’s phone so she wouldn’t call her ex-boyfriend in retaliation.” Marci’s words started slowly but sped as the pieces started to fall into place.

I nodded. That did sound like something I would do. “Okay. That makes sense.”

“Wait. I remember more.” Jen squinted, as if it would wring the memories out of her alcohol soaked brain. Her gaze swung to me.

“So do I.” Marci stared at me now too.

I started to get a little worried. “What?”

“You don’t remember?” Marci asked.

“No.” Crap. I looked at Marci. “Why don’t you just tell me?”

Jen answered for them both. “Since you’re the only one John has never met, we sent you into his bachelor party as a spy dressed as a stripper.”

Uh, oh. This was starting to sound familiar to me, but in a detached kind of way. Kind of like it was the plot of a movie I’d watched only I couldn’t remember the ending. I glanced up and found them both watching me, wide-eyed. I glanced down at myself and noticed for the first time that though I was in my own pants, there was a corset making my boobs look two cup sizes larger. It was definitely stripper-worthy.

I noticed an uncomfortable presence between my ass cheeks and wiggled a bit. Reaching down I confirmed my suspicions. I was wearing a thong. I didn’t own a thong. And definitely not a red lace thong that matched the corset, which was the discovery I made when I peeked down the front of my jeans.

“Rose, what happened at the bachelor party?” Jen asked.

Memories swirled like a kaleidoscope. Music. A party. A man’s hands on my body. I didn’t have a chance to piece it all together before a knock on the door broke my concentration.

“Maybe it’s Beth.” I glanced at Jen and Marci.

Jen moved to open the door. When she backed into the room, a man I was pretty sure I knew though I couldn’t be sure followed her inside.

“It’s John,” Marci mouthed to me.

John. The groom. Probably looking for his missing bride because as the door slammed closed behind him it was pretty clear he’d come alone. Beth wasn’t with him.

His gaze found me. Self-consciously I tugged the top of the corset higher, but my boobs only popped up more so I decided to cut my losses and let my hands drop.

“Rose. Thank God, you’re awake.” He came directly to my bed and sat on the edge. Concern was written all over his face as he took my hand in his. “Are you all right?”

I managed a nod, but that was about it.

“I was so worried about you last night.” He cupped my chin as he leaned in and pressed his lips to mine.

I pulled back to find the room silent. Jen and Marci looked about as shocked as I was.

“Um, all right. What the hell happened last night?” Marci finally asked.

Since the groom was kissing me the day before his wedding while the bride was missing, I figured that was as good a question as any. And I certainly didn’t have the answer.

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Author Acceptance is OPEN (Small press and Self Pub)

Ok so if you missed it (And Im pretty sure you did), the post about small press can be viewed HERE.

So on to the Self Publishing Info:

Strictly self published authors (from now on known as SSP in this document) will have to meet these guidelines in order to be considered for an author spot at Authors After Dark:
  • Author must have a minimum of 1(one) NOVEL length book (50k+ of contiguous story- no anthology prints will be considered for the inaugural benchmark) published for a minimum of 8 (eight) months via mainstream publishing channels (, Smash words, All Romance E Books, etc.)
  • Book subject and themes must adhere to socially acceptable mores and issues. NO hot button topics or taboo’s (Bestiality*, rape, incest, pseudo incest, deviant sexual play). BDSM is NOT considered a taboo topic.
  • Book genres must be in the romance/ SFF/horror/ speculative fiction sub genres. No general fiction will be considered, nor memoirs or nonfiction.
• Author’s books MUST be professionally edited, with a socially acceptable professional cover
• Author is responsible for sales tax (if applicable by state law) and accounting of any/all books sold
• Author must have a website (minimum). Other social media (Twitter, FB, Blog) are encouraged
• Author must commit to the same responsibilities as all other Featured Authors of AAD

When applying, Author MUST send an email with the following information:
  • • Name of Author
  • • Name of Book
  • • Link to Self Pubbed works
  • • Editor of each book
  • • Cover of book
  • • Author Website
  • • Author Blog
  • • Author Twitter
  • • Author FB page (if accepted we link to the page via the AAD page)
Author hopefuls must email the above information to:
Review time is 1-2 weeks. If you have not heard from us by the end of the second week, please email again.
(*Bestiality: Sexual encounters of shifters in shifted form is not acceptable. Please keep all sexual encounters to bi-pedal life forms.)

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Desire by Blood

Coming this July, I am going to have my first ever vampire book. Yeah, I know everyone will tell me it is old hat, that people are sick of them, but my By Blood series is really a book of the heart. I am lucky enough thanks to self-pubbing that I can do things like this.

When I was still gunning for a New York contract(2008 time frame) I came up with an idea for a world built within the ton. A group of vampires that had their own rules and classes. Those of the highest order are born, not made, and those that are Made...well, I won't go into the whole rule structure right now. Because I wanted to make sure that people knew it was a paranormal and historical. I had the help of Jenn LeBlanc with the pics and Kendra Egert did the cover redesign(both ladies will be at AAD). This is one of the the books I will be signing, will have all kinds of goodies for at AAD, and one of the two series I will be celebrating at my Cursed N Blood Affair.

Book One
 A Vampire Alliance Novel
Coming this July to print and digital from Melissa Schroeder Publishing

A man with a secret.

Nicodemus Blackburn has seen the best and worst of mankind. Five hundred years of dealing with them teaches the vampire to be very wary of the creatures. Unfortunately, alarming events leave him no choice but to enter the world of the ton to hunt a rogue vampire—one who is making his own army of blood thirsty vampires. Searching for the villain is not the worst of his troubles. That can be laid at the feet of bluestocking Lady Cordelia Collingsworth.

A woman on a mission.

Cordelia has always been an outcast, even in her own family. She has forged her way in the world with her ability to write, and Nico Blackburn is the focus of her next article. Before she can obtain any information about the mysterious man, she is pulled headlong into a scandal that leaves her with no choice but to marry Nico—a man with dangerous secrets.

A passion that consumes them both.

Thrust into a world she knows nothing of, Cordelia finds herself falling in love with a man who claims to be a vampire. As their passion grows, so does the danger around them and Nico will have to call on all of his powers to protect the one thing he has realized he cannot live without: his opinionated, infuriating, and thoroughly delectable wife.

If you want to read the entire first chapter, be sure to join my FB fanpage to read the exclusive content. And check out all the gear made up for it at Cafe Press!

Melissa Schroeder is one of the featured authors of AAD NOLA. She has close to 50 releases in a varying range of genres and heat levels. Her latest release is Possession: A Little Harmless Military Romance. You can check out more on Mel at her WEBSITE

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Come Back - shape shifter erotic romance - is OUT and eager for #AADNOLA signing!

Talk about a fabulous timing...the first book in my new shape shifter erotic series, Come Back, has been released in both ebook and print, which means I'll be signing it in New Orleans!

Here's a peek at the eldest brother in a shifter family of sexy men and the woman he considers his mate :-)

Come Back by Tilly Greene
Shape Shifter Erotic Romance
Tease Publishing

Buy ebook at Amazon and print from AmazonCreateSpace

Cassie Johnston needs to move on from a bad break-up. To start, she gets a new hairstyle and leaves the hospital scrubs behind for a research lab coat. Exhausted and yet excited about the new challenges, she’s unprepared to handle it when her heartbreaker walks back in to her life.

Mikhail Ivanovich tried to do the right thing for the woman he loves, but he’s haunted by her absence. Buying himself in work hasn't helped and eventually he accepts life is too short not to spend it with the woman he loves.

A heat wave blankets New York City and the two finally sit down to talk about what happened between them. Will they reunite or are there too many insurmountable problems standing in their way?

WARNING! There's a sexy shape shifter living in NYC wearing a 3 piece suit that will do anything to get his woman back in his arms where he can keep her safe and happy!


“You okay, Cassie?”

“Oh yes, yes, sorry everyone.” With a smile pasted on her face, she looked around the table at the faces of her worried and anxious workmates. They’d all been enjoying lunch together until she’d screamed in terror at something no one else could see. “I guess my mind traveled into uncharted territory.” The small group of men and women tittered and returned to talking while she put her hands on her heated cheeks. It was a useless move to stop the blush staining them from spreading further, but she did it all the same.

Groaning silently with embarrassment, she reminded herself how, until then, the altered reality only happened at home, while she slept. Realistically, she could no longer blame her weird tiger dreams on her problems with change. Maybe she should talk to a mental health professional.

Why couldn’t she be like everyone else?

Why did she have to embarrass herself by daydreaming about her white tiger while sitting in the company’s air-conditioned and packed lunchroom?

Flustered, she fussed with her salad before eventually excusing herself early, telling her lunch mates she needed to make a couple of calls before heading back into the lab. Actually, what she needed was a few minutes alone to pull herself back together. She made her way to her office, all the while focused on controlling her breathing and heartbeat, which were still unsettled from the recent trip her imagination had taken.

Sitting at her desk, she opened a file, and pretended to read while her mind raced through what had happened. There was something going on that wasn’t right. If she had any doubts in leaving the hectic pace of the hospital floor for the quiet one of research, they were long gone. She couldn’t be more thrilled with her decision to accept Dr. Winton’s offer. While change was not her thing, the new job had actually been a good decision.

On her first day at work, she’d been placed on a team looking into diabetes, specifically childhood type 1. They were trying to pinpoint the problem gene or genes in a bid to eradicate or, at the very least, find a means to treat the disease. It was exciting and rewarding, as well as slow and methodical work, with hours spent alone in a clean room. The people in her group were great, focused on the job at hand, and yet were still real. Not for one minute did she feel like the new kid on the block. It had been an easy transition, she couldn’t have asked for better.

Unfortunately, it meant the only problem she’d had all week was between her and the tiger. For almost a year, he’d offered her comfort through her imaginings, and she was thankful. Suddenly, he’d moved out of her dreams to take up residence in her brain, ensuring he was with her whether awake or asleep. She was scared on many different levels and, because she wasn’t sure how to handle it, she’d tried to ignore his presence.

Apparently that tactic was no longer an option.

All week the white beast haunted her. It was the visits while she was up and aware that upset her the most. Everything would be moving along normally, her eyes and brain focused on something, maybe a printout full of data, and the white tiger would be there waiting for something. Or, like what happened in the lunchroom, her mind would travel and there he’d be, coming for her. Sometimes an aura of impatience surrounded him and eventually he’d make his presence known while growling and pacing. Other times he’d be there, quiet, curious but not intrusive. Then there were a few times when he’d lie down and purr. Those were the more curious incidents. Whenever they happened, she was drawn to him, and wanted to hold him close. Then she’d remember he was a ruthless beast and a figment of her imagination.

The worst time was when she believed he spoke to her. She didn’t know why her subconscious expected and accepted a tiger could speak, but it did. The words were always the same and clearly enunciated as they kept an ongoing, unrelenting cadence beating through her body. Come back? That implied she knew the tiger, personally, and that wasn’t possible. People and animals did not communicate.

Was she losing her mind? Schizophrenic? Obviously something wasn’t right in her head and it was getting worse since the tiger never truly left her alone. Even right then, as she was internally freaking out at her desk, he was there waiting for something from her, and she didn’t have any idea what it was. However, she was absolutely certain about one thing. It was becoming increasingly clear, the cat’s tolerance for her to do what it wanted her to do was running desperately low.

It was odd how she’d never seriously questioned his presence in her dreams before today. He was always there, giving her comfort, but something had changed because he wouldn’t leave.

Mentally, Cassie pushed away from the tiger sitting in her mind, and turned her focus back to work.

I’ll question the state of my mental health later. The minute she spoke those words to herself, she swore a growl reverberate through her soul, bringing a chill to her flesh along with it. Her first response was to snarl back at the tiger and doing so earned her a purr, which put her right back where she’d been.

She was questioning where her sanity had gone because it clearly wasn’t present.

* * * * *
The next morning she was lying in bed, panting for a breath, while her heart pounded wildly after another visit from the white tiger. She couldn’t simply accept his presence any longer. To make matters even more difficult to handle was the continuation of a record breaking heat wave. The weather had escalated to dangerous levels, with massive power outages, which seemed to have put all the city’s residents on edge. She wasn’t sure if it was the heat or dreams, but it was too much for Cassie to take. It was time she found a doctor who would listen to her concerns about having an imagined tiger camping out in her head.

Trying to relax, she fluffed up her pillows, and mentally approached the issue that left her questioning her connection with reality. When she found no answers to any of the questions she had, Cassie got up, and made her way to the shower, bypassing the warm and going straight to cold.

With her new job came a different schedule. It was her first day off and she needed to do some errands. Thinking about the freedoms she’d gained by taking a Monday through Friday job made her smile. It had been a long time since she’d had an entire weekend off. She wasn’t sure what to do.

Actually, maybe she’d get the errands over with, and do something different like catch a movie. Theaters usually had great air conditioning and the weather reports she’d heard last night had called for another hundred degrees plus day.

However, before she made any decisions of what to do, she wanted to read the newspaper. All she’d done during the past week was stay on top of the headlines and she was eager to read in depth about what was happening around the world. A small pleasure of hers was to have the weekend paper delivered to her front door. She didn’t have to get dressed and walk down the block to the corner shop for one, all she had to do was open her door, and there it would be.

After drying off, she made her way back into her room to get dressed.

Since it was already hot, she decided to forgo both bra and panties until she had to go out. Given the choice, she didn’t want anything binding her in the hot weather if it wasn’t necessary. She put on a short spaghetti-strap cotton dress and was ready to start the day by settling on the couch to relax with the paper.

Making her way to the front door, she unlocked and unbolted it, pulled it open, only to be stunned speechless.

“Morning, Cassie.”


Leaning against the stair rail outside her apartment was Mikhail Ivanovich, in the flesh, and he was holding her paper. Even in the sweltering temperatures, he looked cool, calm, and utterly handsome. The man looked sexy in a simple white t-shirt, shorts, and sneakers without socks. It wasn’t fair. Dressed to the nines or casual like he was with his white hair tamed and framing his sexy eyes, he always had the ability to ignite her passion and need to be fulfilled.
©Tilly Greene, 2012

Buy Come Back by Tilly Greene ebook at Amazon and print from AmazonCreateSpace

Future Come series releases: Come to Me [book 2] - F/W 2012 and Come and Stay [book 3] - Sp/S 2013

Tilly Greene was born into the easy folds of a sleepy beach town and embraces the laid back mindset she grew up with.  Later, she settled into a polar opposite lifestyle from the one she’d been living by moving abroad to further her education.  While traveling with her husband, she researches and writes erotica and erotic romance novels in a variety of genres and sub-genres.  Every day she looks forward to writing about women who are independent and confident, the men who love them, and their twisting passionate path to each other.

Recent BDSM Erotic Romance and Erotica Releases
The Keeper
Good, Bad and Kinky
Tilly Greene
Scorching romances full of twists, turns and ties.

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Small Press Author Acceptance is open!

Authors After Dark 2013  Small Press Author Acceptance Information:

AAD 2013: Savannah Nights is now open for small press author acceptance! We will be taking 45 authors from small press (not strictly self published, that’s another call) this year and we hope we have streamlined the process for everyone!

We cap the author acceptance for featured authors each year to ensure that the readers attending don’t get overwhelmed with authors and that the authors attending are low in number, so that we can accept more readers.

AAD Savannah is going to be different then previous years, in that we will offer MORE events and opportunities for authors to be a part of, and participation will be a benchmark for subsequent years.

AAD asks that all authors that become Featured Authors understand that a FA position comes with lots of cool perks, but also responsibility. FA’s are FA’s because they wish to be featured and focused on by the readers, who in turn learn more about them and their books first and foremost.

Perks of being a Featured Author:
Party sponsorship
Blogger Spotlights
Media coverage
Signing at the mass book signing on Saturday of the con
Promotional opportunities
Panels/ Workshop participation
Event participation
Blogger/ Book club meet and greet opportunities

PLEASE NOTE: acceptance as a Featured Author does not give you a free ride to the con. Everyone attending must pay for the privilege (even the convention director and the staff) because your registration pays for 5 meals for you over the week and other incidentals for the hotel. As AAD is a nonprofit, we cannot supplement for anyone. If you are set on attending for free, this is not the con for you.

In order to be considered for a FEATURED AUTHOR spot for the 2013 convention year, Authors must do/ have:
·         A premium promotional item for 500 people (minimum)
·         Be willing and able to do more than just the panels they are assigned. (Authors looking to do the bare minimum need not apply.)
·         Books in print or Promo for E books (cover flats)
·         The ability to work with Stella personally (IE: NO Assistants as go betweens)

Things that will ensure you are accepted, but are not required:
·         Publisher Backing. If your publisher is involved and active in the event, with promotional items, free books, gift baskets, parties, etc you have a more likely shot of being accepted. REASON: because having your publisher behind you ensures more for the reader then a small press author is traditionally able to give on their own.
(Please Note: Authors that DO have Publisher backing will be considered first.)

Authors from previous years are not grandfathered in. AAD does look at what each author has done in the past to make the decision. Please understand, it is because we want the MOST for the readers that we can possibly get. Authors that have done the bare minimum are less likely to be considered for future years over authors that have put themselves out there to be accessible and memorable to readers.

AAD doesn’t “invite” authors. If you are interested in attending please contact Stella and she can get the ball rolling. ALSO: Registering as a Featured Author will not get a spot. To ensure one, you MUST CONTACT STELLA BEFORE REGISTERING in order to be considered. NO EXCEPTIONS!

 * when emailing please put; 2013 Small Press Author  in the subject line so it will not be sent to spam!*

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May's AAD Blogger's Featured Author Spotlights Recap

Can you believe there is only 56 days left until we will be converging on New Orleans?! I'm giddy with anticipation to meet and hang with such a wonderful group of individuals.  

Don't forget to check out Midnyte Reader's AAD 2012 Reading Challenge at  It's a great motivational way to familiarize yourself with new-to-you-authors that will be in New Orleans this summer. 

Here is a recap of the Bloggers Featured Author Spotlights from last month:

Smexy Books
Joey W Hill
Cat Grant
Melanie Card
Andrew Grey
Damon Suede
Shayla Black
Yasmine Galenorn
Yummy Men & Kick Ass Chicks
Jae Lynne Davies
Trinity Blacio
Megan Grooms
Darynda Jones
Literary Escapism
Suzanne Johnson
Jess Haines
Jess Haines
Mark Henry
Katie Reus
Kelly Gay/Kelly Keaton
A Little Bit Tart, A Little Bit Sweet
Kristen Painter
Tilly Greene
Carolyn Crane
PJ Schnyder
Cynthia Eden
Melissa Schroeder
Shayla Black
For What It's Worth
Melanie Card
Megan Grooms
Book Faery
Eliza Gayle
Jae Lynn Davies
Megan Grooms
Melissa Schroeder
Jaye Wells
Bronwyn Green
PJ Schnyder
The Qwillery
Bronwyn Green
Mark Henry
Abigail Barnette
Jae Lynne Davies
Alexandra Ivy
Red Hot Books
Theresa Meyers
Kelly Meding
Shayla Black
That's What I'm Talking About
Jess Jarman
Good Choice Reading
Diana Castilleja
Kelly Gay
Stacey Kennedy

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New release!

So today is the release of Stella's alter Ego's new book with AWESOME AUTHOR Charlotte Steele!

here is the info:

Looking forward to the nuptials of her best friend and charge Prince Declan, Sorcha Ilisse knows what's in store for her: Sex, sex and more sex. The ability to see some favorite lovers and indulge in the debaucheries of the event riding high on her senses, she didn't count on the one person she didn't want to see in attendance.
Jaerik, a green Dragon and general of the Dark fae was snubbed by Sorcha once upon a time, but years have past and he never forgot the burning obsession that was her lithe little body gracing his bed for always. She spurned him when he was a young Dragon but now a man, he's set to prove to her that he is exactly the kinda male she needs.
As the festivities open with an annual hunt, Jae sees his window to seduce and ensnare the one woman he could see himself with for always..

And its already got an awesome 5 demon review from All the Fun Starts After Dark!:
If your a fan of Erotica this book is for you! The fae love their pleasure and take it wherever and by whomever they can get it. Dagmar Avery and Charlotte Steele have created a world full of steam and sexy beings that are not ashamed to take what they want and have the ability to bring you to your knees by the flick of a tongue. 

And Brandy at ATFSAD is giving a copy away too!

WARNING: Contains scenes of M/F, F/F, F/F/M, M/F/M and several bouts of voyeurism. 

You can buy it HERE... and please do.... Cuz we would love for you to get caught up in the world of the Darkling Court!