Thursday, June 14, 2012

Small Press Author Acceptance is open!

Authors After Dark 2013  Small Press Author Acceptance Information:

AAD 2013: Savannah Nights is now open for small press author acceptance! We will be taking 45 authors from small press (not strictly self published, that’s another call) this year and we hope we have streamlined the process for everyone!

We cap the author acceptance for featured authors each year to ensure that the readers attending don’t get overwhelmed with authors and that the authors attending are low in number, so that we can accept more readers.

AAD Savannah is going to be different then previous years, in that we will offer MORE events and opportunities for authors to be a part of, and participation will be a benchmark for subsequent years.

AAD asks that all authors that become Featured Authors understand that a FA position comes with lots of cool perks, but also responsibility. FA’s are FA’s because they wish to be featured and focused on by the readers, who in turn learn more about them and their books first and foremost.

Perks of being a Featured Author:
Party sponsorship
Blogger Spotlights
Media coverage
Signing at the mass book signing on Saturday of the con
Promotional opportunities
Panels/ Workshop participation
Event participation
Blogger/ Book club meet and greet opportunities

PLEASE NOTE: acceptance as a Featured Author does not give you a free ride to the con. Everyone attending must pay for the privilege (even the convention director and the staff) because your registration pays for 5 meals for you over the week and other incidentals for the hotel. As AAD is a nonprofit, we cannot supplement for anyone. If you are set on attending for free, this is not the con for you.

In order to be considered for a FEATURED AUTHOR spot for the 2013 convention year, Authors must do/ have:
·         A premium promotional item for 500 people (minimum)
·         Be willing and able to do more than just the panels they are assigned. (Authors looking to do the bare minimum need not apply.)
·         Books in print or Promo for E books (cover flats)
·         The ability to work with Stella personally (IE: NO Assistants as go betweens)

Things that will ensure you are accepted, but are not required:
·         Publisher Backing. If your publisher is involved and active in the event, with promotional items, free books, gift baskets, parties, etc you have a more likely shot of being accepted. REASON: because having your publisher behind you ensures more for the reader then a small press author is traditionally able to give on their own.
(Please Note: Authors that DO have Publisher backing will be considered first.)

Authors from previous years are not grandfathered in. AAD does look at what each author has done in the past to make the decision. Please understand, it is because we want the MOST for the readers that we can possibly get. Authors that have done the bare minimum are less likely to be considered for future years over authors that have put themselves out there to be accessible and memorable to readers.

AAD doesn’t “invite” authors. If you are interested in attending please contact Stella and she can get the ball rolling. ALSO: Registering as a Featured Author will not get a spot. To ensure one, you MUST CONTACT STELLA BEFORE REGISTERING in order to be considered. NO EXCEPTIONS!

 * when emailing please put; 2013 Small Press Author  in the subject line so it will not be sent to spam!*

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