Friday, August 15, 2008

B is Bizzy, bizzy, BIZZY!

It's been a busy Summer on The D'Arc Side. I had a new ebook release about a week and a half ago - the 2nd in my futuristic Resonance Mates series, Jaci's Experiment. After that, I thought I'd have a little time to myself, but I was wrong.

I'm in the middle of edits for my November 7th novella release, the re-issue of a totally 'revamped' vampire novella I first wrote a few years ago. It's called One & Only and it started life as a very short story at a measily 3,500 words with a now-defunct publisher. It's now about 25,000 words and will be the first of three rewritten and expanded novellas that are being reissued by Samhain Publishing. When all three are finally out as ebooks, the plan is to collect them together into a print anthology and I'm excited they'll finally be available again - in much expanded and better form.

Monkeying with my website is also a favorite activity, so I've added some new "splash" pages to some of the sections including Paranormal Tales, Dragon Knights, and Resonance Mates. The designs I used echo designs for some new promotional materials I'll be giving out at appearances and cons in the Fall. Speaking of which, Albacon has been added to my schedule! I'm totally psyched about it because the guest of honor is Anne McCaffrey. I read her books when I was about 15 and remember loving them! (I dare not reread them now because my dragons are quite different than hers and need to stay that way. LOL) Stella Price is also going to Albacon, so you know we're going to throw a party! If you're anywhere near Albany, NY, think about coming to see us. The con is the weekend of October 10-12.

In addition to all that, I've got to finish a book to send to an editor who liked the proposal and now wants to see the whole thing. So aside from checking email a few times each day, I'm trying to limit my online time. I'm in lock down! Self-imposed exile while I try to finish this sucker and get it off my desk.

So my supposed "lull" between books is really non-existant this time. I'm not upset though because it could mean even better things are coming! Wish me luck. :)

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