Monday, May 3, 2010

RT was wild fun and I forgot my camera!

I know and I'm really sorry because I took it to Columbus and simply never took it out of my bag! Then, to make matters even worse, I was late for our time in Club RT. Thankfully it was all alright - thanks to Stella - and was having a great time chatting to people when I placed a box of promo onto another and it caused the table to collapse. The entire room went quiet - rather embarassing, but Joe was there to make sure I didn't lose my toes - thank you Joe :-)

Okay, enough of the negatives, there are loads of folks posting pictures and videos about the net [check out Stella's on Facebook], but only I can tell you a few things about what happened:

1. Stella Price was a really hot dresser at all three events and I'm hoping she'll make me a pair of horns like the ones she wore to the Faery Ball.

2. Besides Stella, I saw Eliza Gayle, Bianca D'Arc and Jacquelyn Frank who looked fabulous and now I can't wait to see her again at AAD - the chick can dance people, seriuosly!

3. Discovered a couple new to me authors who write mysteries - I know, mysteries at RT? Yup, and they sounded like really good reads.

4. I met a few aspiring authors and am excited to read the books they were telling me about - especially Nett and her contemporary.

5. And the big thumbs up that made the rest of the convention go well, I didn't trip walking across the stage at the Ellora's Cave Paint the Town Red party and had a sweet escort - sweet as in tall and cute :-)

So, I apologize for forgetting to do my duty to take pics to share with everyone, it won't happen again!

Tilly Greene
WARNING! Red hot romances ahead!


Jackie said...

Sounds like you had a fab time and too bad about the camera and sure glad your toes are intact after collapsing the table...

great time had by all seems the theme song for RT and sure wish I could go someday!!! Going vicariously through the ones like yourself will just have to do for now...

jackie b central texas

Tilly Greene said...

It is a good time but the cost is ridiculous! No, I say stick to the smaller events that are popping up everywhere. They're just as much fun if not more because you meet more readers and authors, and they won't break the bank to go. In fact, you'll be able to buy books from authors you love :-)