Thursday, May 20, 2010

Still waiting for summer

It's still gray and soggy here in the midwest...I'm starting to wonderf if I should be building an ark in my spare time :) Instead I've been working away on my next guardian novel, which I'm sadly behind on. It hasn't helped matters that my boys are home for the summer and I have a houseful of people wondering in and out of the house at all hours (and of course leaving behind a mess). I need a nice long vacation that is kid-free :)

On the plus side I did get my cover for my upcoming anthology which I'm excited about. It should be hitting the shelves Aug. 31st.!

Everyone have a fantastic summer!



Stella Price said...

OOH is it a guardians story? Not that it matters I buy everything you put out anyway LOL...

Alexandra Ivy said...

It's connected Stella, although it's a historical...that's what makes immortals so much fun :)