Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Great News

Beyond the Darkness at last hit the shelves and I'm delighted that this week it hit the New York Times bestseller list at #19. The week before it was #21, so I was thrilled that it actually moved up the list :) When I first began the Guardian series it was just one book that I wrote for my own fun. I loved Buffy and I wanted to see if I could write about those delicious vampires :) Eventually I've added a whole host of Weres, fey, Sylvermyst, and of course, gargoyles!! It's been a wonderful ride and I've had nothing but joy in writing them!

I'm now working on Tane's story, and while he's tempermental and refuses to behave himself, I hope to have him headed toward my editor by the end of next month. Unfortunately my deadline means I won't be making RT or RWA conferences...actually I never seem to make them :( So if anyone is going I hope you'll keep us updated. Oh, and I donated a copy of my entire series to RT for a giveaway, so you might check it out :)

Happy reading,

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