Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Special Prize for AAD 2010!

I am very pleased to announce that Mundania/Phaze is offering as part of our raffle basket for the 2010 convention a SIGNED copy of Piers Anthony's Under a Velvet Cloak! If you're a fan of this master of sci-fi/fantasy and are coming to NJ this fall for the event, don't miss your chance to win this prize. Not many copies were signed, so it's truly a collector's item!

We also have donated a good number of Phaze erotic romance titles to give away, a good mix of our finest M/M, paranormal, interracial, and contemporary titles. I couldn't tell you exactly what to expect, so you'll just have to register for Authors After Dark and see what you get. We'll see you this fall!


s7anna said...

I wish I could be there...*sigh*

Jools said...

me too, sounds like it will be so much fun!