Friday, October 28, 2011

Room updates... I has them.

For those of you on the fence... here's the deal...

We have this for rooms (As of 1140am on 10.28.11):

Monday the 6th:21
tuesday the 7th:28
Wed the 8th: 75
Thurs-Saturday:106 rooms available each day
Sunday the 12th:48
Monday: 13th:22

And they WILL be going VERY fast. So this means if you want something awesome for the holidays, Have hubby get you your registration and room for AAD 2012 because (And I hope I'm just paranoid) we probably wont have rooms left at the host hotel by Feb/ March at the latest.

NO, this doesn't mean that you can call in and get a room. They still will not take phone reservations for the con (and No, if you want a suite you still have to contact me personally). You MUST register first to get the links for your room reservations. No ifs, ands or buts.

Thanks guys and thanks for making this con SO DAMN SUCCESSFUL! I cant wait to put up the next actual con update (Maybe December, maybe January) for all the awesome that's going to happen!

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