Thursday, October 13, 2011

Attention Industry: WE WANT YOU!

And by industry we mean publishers, review houses and any business that works within the romance industry to provide a service of books, covers, reviews, etc.

WE WANT YOU at AAD 2012!

Did you know that AAD doesn't charge for a table? Nope we don't. We aren't in the business of making money off people, but we ARE in the business of promotion and getting things out to authors and readers.

You will reach 400 people in three days, 97% of which are readers and no other con of this size or larger in romance can say that.

Are you in the industry and want to lead a workshop or panel on what it is you do (and this doesn't count for genre panels as they are something else entirely)? We can work that out.

Perhaps you want to sponsor something, or throw a party to get your name out there? Our prices are the cheapest in the industry!

Contact Stella Price ( ASAP for information on how you can participate in the coming con and reach readers and authors that might not have known about you before now!

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