Sunday, October 30, 2011

Cowboys Who Brand the Ones they Love

I've been busy lately and things are about to even crazier, but I wanted to touch base with the AAD crowd about a few things.

First, keep your eyes peeled on Black Friday [November 25th] on the Hot Thoughts Blog - an events been planned it's happening there!  Secondly, I wanted to tell you about what's been taking up my time lately - cowboys, chicks and Branded!

Yes, I'm talking about ranching cowboys, but no, I'm not talking the type of branding done with a red hot poker!  That's for livestock, but I will say it's where I got the idea from.

So what am I talking about?

Cowboys are a special breed of man.  They're tough and strong, and their approach to love and sex is often just as unique as they are.  Branded is a series that follows a set of friends who share a dream of living the white picket fence lifestyle at the same time as maintaining their individual sexual preferences.

What gets them off sexwise is Domination/submission play mixed with bondage and a ménage thrown in here and there.

No fire is necessary because these cowboys create their own heat!

The second ebook in the Branded series was just released and is:

Konnichiwa Cowboy by Tilly Greene
Contemporary/Light Western Erotica + D/s

Matt Wilson, a cattle rancher from Montana, goes to Japan to discuss how to successfully export the Big W’s beef into one of the most restrictive yet lucrative markets. In preparation for the trip he’s spent months on the phone with Sakura Nakamura, discussing rules and regulations, along with some good natured flirting. That was fine over the phone lines, but in person, she makes him want more.

Sakura’s smart, funny and gorgeous, everything he wants in a woman, but can’t have, not if he wants to do business with her father. On his last night in Osaka, he decides to indulge in a fantasy — a naughty night with a geisha — and wishes the delectable made-up treasure in little more than a kimono was Sakura.

Is it a geisha or infatuated workmate who fulfills the visiting cowboy's fantasy?

eBook now available from AmazonBNSmashwords

The first ebook in the Branded series is also out and is:

Ride 'em by Tilly Greene
Contemporary/Light Western Erotic Romance + D/s, Bondage and Ménage
TRS 2008 CAPA for Best BDSM

At a young age, Sunflower Forever Free is put in a position where she must take control of her life. A gentle soul who never chose how or where she lived, decides to stay in a small town she stumbles upon and start over. Here she has hopes of finding her white picket dream.

Rehabilitated bad boy Courtland Dickerson returns to the town of his childhood, the last place he’d been happy. He starts his horse breeding business and settles on the normal path he’d always wanted, one far away from the destructive influences of his past.Besides hard work, kinky games are being played behind barn doors. After one particularly wild ride, Sunflower and Courtland discover how well matched they are and together, embark on a new path.

Is the dream of a white picket fence life possible for people who play kinky sex games?

eBook available from Ellora's CaveAll RomanceAmazonBNSony Reader Store

Oh, and as for the Brand itself, that's an item the cowboys of Branded give their lovers to seal their connection!

Tilly Greene
Scorching romances full of twists, turns and ties.

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