Friday, April 8, 2011

Ablogging we will go: Authors talk Shop on AAD this month

So today starts our April AAD blog promotion. What is it? Well I have been getting emails about Authors posting WHY they have chosen to do AAD this year, and figured it would be as good a place to start our blogging for the rest of the year before the con. So from tomorrow to the 30th, you will be treated to intimate entries of the thoughts of authors about why they have chosen to attend this fledgling con this year and what they will be doing at the con. So who is posting?

in this Order:
Bronwyn Green
Denise Jefferies
Rita Sawyer
Robin (AAD's webby)
C. Margery Kempe
Samantha Kane
Theresa Meyers
PJ Schnyder
Carolan Ivey
Tilly Greene
Jae Lynne Davies
Erin Kellison
Sonya Bateman
Jean Murray
A.C. Mason
Jess Haines
Nancy Holzner
Monica Burns
Herberth & Moore
Seleste DeLaney
Susan Hanniford Crowley
Sylvia Day

So dont forget to pop in each day and comment, and you could win some awesome goodies!

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