Friday, April 29, 2011

Authors After Dark Share the Love

Hi Everyone! I’m Susan Hanniford Crowley author of the Vampires in Manhattan series about vampires, shapeshifters, and rare supernaturals. I write steampunk and mythos romance as well.

What do I love most about the Authors After Dark Convention? It’s the ability to share the love. Of all the events, I love the authors’ raffle baskets most. All the money raised goes to an animal rescue. My adorable Buffy and Bella came from a cat rescue, and I have to tell you those volunteers work tirelessly to give those sweet creatures more than just food and water. So when the time comes for buying raffle tickets, think of the homeless cats and dogs and buy! Buy! Buy! Share the love with animals that really need it. My basket will be especially cozy and romantic this year.

Last year I went to my first Authors After Dark Convention. It was the most outrageous fun I’ve ever had at a convention. I love that it’s dedicated to the enjoyment of readers. There’s an intimacy to the panels, workshops, parties, and other events that I’ve never seen anywhere else. It’s a bit like joining a village for a festival. Everyone gets to know everyone else and have a great time together.

I love all the freebies at my plate at each meal. I love meeting new people and having fun on the panels. Learning new things at the workshops. The parties are amazing. This year I am especially looking forward to the Mythos and Steampunk balls. The vendors rock. A friend of mine wants to cheek out the tattoo artist wearing the kilt. He rocks too. LOL There will be unclassifiable events of fun. Ah, the mystery. I can't tell you everything where would be the fun in that. I want to try to bellydancing. I’ve heard you can get thighs of steel.

This Authors After Dark is special to me because most of the Nights of Passion blog crew will be there with me. C. Margery Kempe, Cara North, and a.c. Mason will be there. OUTRAGEOUS FUN! Mason and I are two of the hosts for a Chocolate Party. YUM! Find out more about our passionate crew at

I’m planning a lot of impromptu giveaways. I’ll be on panels and at the booksignings too. Be sure to ask me about Vampires, and I’ll give you a little gift until they run out. I’m ecstatic about Authors After Dark, and I’m sure you are too. I love talking about writing and reading---vampires, steampunk, and mythos romance.

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See you there! Absolutely say hi!


Unknown said...

Oh my, now I will be asking everyone about vampires, LOL. Wait! We wear name badges, WHEW! I cannot remember if I ran into you last year, but will make a point to say hello this summer and maybe asked a question or two *winks*

Kel said...

The picture of your kitties gives me warm-fuzzies...

I'll have to try to come up with some vampire questions for you, but I'l;l probably just go to the panel and wing it... as per usual.