Tuesday, April 12, 2011

For me, AAD is passion!

So here I am, not an author, but so very honored to be sandwiched between them. Let me repeat that! Author, then me, then author. *dies happy* Who am I? Really. I am a blogger (Intense Whisper), reader, wife, mother, designer, business owner and yes, the AAD webby. What's an AAD webby you ask. No, it is not an uncomfortable under-thing. It is what Stella affectionately calls her design slave *giggles*. I am assisting in design and promotion for AAD 2011, 2012 and hopefully many more.

I also attended AAD in 2010 as a blogger. So this is my perspective and why I cannot wait for the next conventions. Passion. I have this little problem with obsession. Finding little hobbies that encompass my whole being. I like to call this passion, you can call it insanity if you wish. After attending in 2010, I found a new little hobby. A little passion. Everything AAD. What can I say, Authors After Dark fulfills me *big grin*.

Authors After Dark gives book lovers the opportunity to meet authors, readers, bloggers and industry professionals who all share the same admiration for romance. No matter the genre, everyone had something in common. A true sense of belonging. I have said before that it feels like friends getting together, long lost friends and family. The atmosphere is relaxed and inviting, authors are accessible. Not just from behind a table either, I am talking about standing in line, sitting at a table, the bar, dancing, laughing, taking a break... they are everywhere. Could a reader define a better paradise? I think not.

That is why readers of romance will love AAD, but what do I love about AAD? I love that I met Jodie (JoJo's Book Corner) after talking online for months. I love that I get to see her again in 2011 along with many other bloggers I network with. I love that I may have the opportunity to ride in an elevator with Jennifer Armintrout again. I loved being star struck by Stella, she LOOKS just like her pictures! I loved sharing ideas with authors in panels and laughing. The food was spectacular and the dessert even better. Each meal had a new surprise. The event was spectacular from start to end.

Books. I loved the books. I met so many new-to-me authors as well as some whom I had already read. Each panel starts with an introduction to the authors and their current releases, but many also gave sneak peak into future books. Inside information on how characters came about and why. I soaked it all up! But like every book lover, there can never be enough. This year I am preparing before hand by reading books by as many attending authors as I can. Passion.

I am just a normal woman, who loves romance and is not ashamed of it. I am fortunate to have attended in 2010. An enthusiastic designer with a new muse. A passionate reader who could not have found a better little hobby.


braukes said...

Great, inspirational post, Robin. Thanks for sharing! I can't wait to meet the brilliant mind behind the AAD website & marketing this summer.

Felicia the Geeky Blogger said...

I totally agree! This will be my 3rd book convention and I always love being surrounded by fellow Romance Lovers. I am a blogger but now always register as a reader because I learned I get overwelmed as a blogger (my first convention to much time spent on that). I love spending time with authors and other bloggers too. It is just fun to be sandwhiched in the whole community! This is my first AAD and looking forward to it :)

lushbookreviews said...

I am super excited to meet you ;)

Unknown said...

Hi Ladies! I cannot wait to meet up. Last year me and Jodie had a new blogger SQUUEEE when she noticed our name tags and online handles. We still marvel at our wee brush with celebrity *big grin*.

JoJosBookCorner said...

I <3 YOUUUUUU!!! And can't wait to see you again in August. this internet thing is just not enough! LOL and SQUEEEEEE lets see what fab authors, we get to ride in an elevator, and on a train with again this year! *snickers*
JoJo AKA J Bean *wink*