Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Romance readers REALLY give big!

I want to thank EVERYONE bidding on the AAD packages at Operation Auction! We have one package that ended last night, for the 2012 event, and it raised over $1ooo! Whoever the winner is, I promise you it will be worth it, and you will not be disappointed!

Now, I wanna say that the romance community is fucking amazing. the fact that we all pulled together to help one of our own is something amazing, and the fact that we are all giving big, whether its through prizes or bidding shows me so much and makes me glad to be part of such an amazing community. Even with all the issues in publishing, with the uncertainty of booksellers weighing on both publishers and authors, this auction went above and beyond!

So what did the winner of this particular one win?

Registration for the winner which includes 5 meals, and a suite for them and up to 4 friends to share at AAD 2012 in New Orleans at the Royal Sonesta Hotel on Bourbon St. And whats more? The winner gets a special signing for themselves and 5 of their friends with up to 10 authors attending AAD 2012!

Now guess what? there are STILL two more packages to win from AAD! two amazing day passes One that you can hangout with the Pie Antichrist herself, Jess Haines! Both of these are special packages as we do NOT give day passes for the event this year, so its your only way in just for the day!

Ooh and on a personal Note, thank you to whoever bid on Audra and My Eververse Package. I didnt expect to have such a great showing for the bidding, seeing as we arent extremely popular authors and all, but Apparently someone wanted it, and for that I am grateful. It also lets me know that to give and for people to want, you dont have to be a NYTBS, just someone willing to give.

So please go and bid at Operation Auction for all the amazing goodies authors and industry have offered, and show your support!

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Margie said...

Congratulations to the winner. Wish it was me. I didn't realize that it was for a suite for 5. I might have robbed my piggy bank to go above my limit. That was a really generous donation to the auction. Confirms my belief that the Authors After Dark Weekend is a great con. And the romance community is a very generous one! A smaller group that I belong to is helping out someone else in need which makes me feel that there is a lot of good in the world. Can't wait for AAD 2011 in Philly.