Monday, March 7, 2011

Extremely important information for AAD Philly!

Hey all!

Just some info I have been getting some emails about... thought I would post here, so people would have a one stop shop (and I wont have to send out emails all the time.)

1. AAD starts Thursday morning at 10 am. that means that the welcome event is then, and panels start at 11.

2. AAD is over before noon on sunday (I cannot say when as I dont know how long its going to take to get through all the gift baskets and such)

3. AAD will NOT be doing single day admission. That means, if you wanna hangout with an author, you will pay for the privilege of attending, getting the books and being part of everything.

4. Booksigning is OPEN TO THE PUBLIC and FREE (I dont charge like RT does). You will have to check in your books that you bring from home though, so get there early so you can get all checked in. PLEASE do not bring more then one small rolling cart of books, as there will be LOTS of people there looking to get books signed as well.

5. Anyone only attending the book signing will not be allowed on the convention floor. This is why we are doing the event in Ormandy, which has its own entrance from the street. Book signing starts at 2pm and could go till 5, depending on how many people are present.

6. If you bring in your own alcohol, please keep it in your room. You can come down to the con floor with cups of stuff, BUT do NOT bring bottles about as *I will get in trouble and the con will get fined. If we get fined, I will ban whoever got us fined (because I dont have the $ to pay fines, and neither does the con).

7. Anyone attending the saturday night event only will NOT be allowed on the con floor. This is why we are doing the event in Ormandy, which has its own entrance from the street.

I hope that this helps with any questions you might have! Things are getting wild on this end!


Joy said...

I am so looking forward to this Convention! Last year taught me that AAD is for the romance reader & I will attend as long as it is in existence.

Grace Fonseca said...

I love this conference more so than any of the others and feel that this conference is for readers. I really enjoy this one and I will attend every year for as long as I'm alive.

Anonymous said...

After much searching I can't seem to find info on the Joey Hill Fan Forum ticketed event. Where to look?