Thursday, March 10, 2011

While everyone is asking about 2012, lemme put rumors to rest!

Hello all!

So my poor assistant and I have been getting a lot of questions about 2012, and while its awesome that that is happening, we still are about 5 months out from THIS years event, which makes 2012 a YEAR and 5 months away. Still we are getting valid questions, and I want to address them while they are on everyone's mine, so that this can be referenced at a later date. Please note that while a lot of people are not going to be happy with what I have to say, there are valid reasons why we are setting this coming year like this, and we have figured it IS the most fair way we can make sure everyone has a chance.

So shall I address the concerns?

1. Registration is NOT open yet, and wont be for a few more months. Why so early? Because our hotel has given us the opportunity to reserve early, and see if we can sell out the hotel for the event. Because we WANT this (if we sell out the hotel, we have some great opportunities offered to us by the hotel for packages and overnight events).

2. I am NOT adding ANY small press published authors to any author lists until I know what publishers are sponsoring AAD 2012. Why? Because it is not fair to have a large contingent of authors from a publisher that isnt interested in sponsoring, thereby helping their OWN sales, promotion, and authors, and helping to make the event a success by keeping costs down for the attendees. It is fair to give those that are sponsoring more, because they are giving US more. Moreover, Sponsor publishers will only be allowed up to 5 authors (that are singular to them, IE: ONLY published with them). Yes, I know that most authors are published under several banners, For the purpose of AAD I am only counting one (though they will be allowed to sign what they wish from any of the pubs they are pubbed with). If you want to guarantee you will have a spot for 2012, make sure your publisher is willing to and able to sponsor the event (and they MUST contact us and let us know BEFORE we open registration, so get their interest in soon!)

3. So what happens if your publisher isn't interested? well there is another way in. Agree to sponsor something yourself or as a group. The group cannot be more then 4 people, and sponsorships are going to sit at $1100. Please note: Author/ publisher sponsorships are different from party sponsorships (and they will be cheaper).

4. NO, you cannot butter me or Nat up (or any of my staff for that matter) to get an early spot. Again, big fan of fair (something that's lacking in this industry) and while I know a lot of people are still a bit sour about this year selling out early, the answer to that from me is: I plan early, its the curse of setting a con up completely on your own. Because of this, I do everything early and I don't run on anyone's time table but my own. That said, keep up with the blog and the site, so when registration DOES open, you wont be left behind.

Well I hope this has helped those that have been asking. Now... On to some other info you will want to know:

Our hotel is offering 5 suites at a 299$ per night price. this is a LOT cheaper then the 450$ minimum they normally get for them.. Since there is only 5, they will probably go fast. But they will NOT be available until we open for registration. So keep that in mind.

Finally.. I wanna thank Sourcebooks, and Pocket Books for committing to AAD2012 already. There will be a bunch of authors from both pubs there, and OMG the goodies and books is going to be awesome (just like this year!)

Ok... Im off my soapbox, and Im putting away my bullhorn. Its about time I kicked this pig into high gear and got some work done.

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