Sunday, January 26, 2014

Now on sale for just $.99--Bullet to the Heart, No Mercy #1 by Lea Griffith

In celebration of the impending release of the second No Mercy book, Arrow to the Soul, the first book, Bullet to the Heart, is being discounted to just $.99. This is a limited time offer!

She was born to love then taught to kill. She has become everything but is no one. 
Known only as Bullet, she was long ago forced to shed the name her parents gave her. Changed, molded, and trained to kill with sharp-shooting efficiency, she is one of The Collective’s most valuable assets. In a cadre of killers, Bullet is death waiting, but her time for vengeance has come. 
He was loved, and then he lost. He has become a hunter in search of revenge.

Everything was taken from Rand the day a bullet ended the lives of his beloved wife and daughter. He has searched for their killer seven long years and may have her in his hands. Rand has suffered, but now the time has come to make The Collective pay or die trying.
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Coming February 6, 2014, Arrow to the Soul
She walks in the darkness—it is all she has ever known. 
Arrow walks with death. It is bitter and black, and covers every step she takes. Trained from the crib to be nothing more than a death-bringer she knows she was born without a soul. The darkness is where she’s comfortable and she carries the weight of her duty notched on bow—ready to fly straight and true in to her enemy’s hearts. 
He has known love and loss—and then he finds her in the darkness. 
Adam knows his calling. Protect and serve. As a member of Trident Corporation he has found the perfect place to meet his obligations. Then he sees a woman with eyes of amber and he is taken under by her darkness. He touches her heart and knows he has no choice—share his light with a killer or lose his soul to her. 
Darkness and light. Two sides of one coin. Retribution draws them together but before all is said and done they will learn love can either break you or make you stronger.

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