Saturday, January 11, 2014

Leigh Ellwood - New Story in Charity Anthology!

AAD FA Leigh Ellwood here. I am pleased to announce that the latest Coming Together anthology features my short story, "And Lily Makes Three"! I wrote this work of BBW erotica specifically for this call - but don't let the title fool you. It is an M/F pairing, and a rather fun one, if I say so.

Miss Evans must host long-distance co-worker Tom as Hurricane Lily rages through South Florida. It's a dangerous situation, made all the more thrilling as Miss Evans and Tom find ways to entertain themselves through the storm!

Further adventures of Miss Evans are in the works. In the meantime, consider picking up Coming Together: Through the Storm  and helping a good cause!



Coming Together: Through the Storm is a collection of weather-themed erotic fiction edited by Nicole Gestalt. Proceeds benefit Mercy Corps, which is on site wherever aid is needed, particularly when a natural disaster occurs.

CONTENTS: "Captive Briseis" (Sheridan Blythe); "And Lily Makes Three" (Leigh Ellwood); "Take Me Like a Hurricane" (Naomi Bellina); "Mud is Good and Wetter is Better" (Louise Nimble); "Storm Surge" (Teresa Noelle Roberts); "Sinkhole" (Annabeth Leong); "Twister" (Lisabet Sarai); "Storm Across the Prairie" (Spencer Dryden); "Heat of the Night" (Brantwijn Serrah); "Inside the Eye" (Skilja Peregrinarius); "Country Pleasures" (Teresa Noelle Roberts); "Duet" (Lady Grey); "Thunder" (Karenna Colcroft)

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