Friday, August 26, 2011

Registration opens SOON!!!!

Well us here at AAD central are working out asses off to get everything set for registration to open September 6th. Registration will be open at 3pm EST on Sept. 6th.

Registration is $190 and includes 3 lunches (because we are going to be leaving the majority of the night time for partying and exploring NOLA), One dinner and one light breakfast on Sunday morning.

We will have a Welcome event On WED night (so that means get in early to get the party going!)

AAD will run in 2012 from Wed at 7pm to Sunday at Noon.

Reservations will also open on the 6th. rooms are $119 a night Double Occupancy. We have the ability it have the price for the con 3 days before and 3 days after... so that gives you a total of 9 days on the con price to be in NOLA on bourbon st and rocking the Big Easy!

So who is excited? Dont forget to join the AAD FORUM and join in with the Book club, conversations and contests!

CHeck the website On the 6th for all the info!


zazoo said...

Thanks so much for getting that info out to us so quick....Zaz

ps having fun yet D

Artemis said...

Can't wait! So excited.

trinity said...

Yep putting money away for it now!