Tuesday, August 16, 2011

2012 Blogger Acceptance

Well this is the list, though its not the full list we are still waiting on emails from several. if this is you, PLEASE contact us by the 31st and you will be added. If not, the list will remain as it is here.

Mandi Schreiner, Smexy Books
Laurie garrison, bitten by paranormal romance
Jen Kimball, That's What I'm Talking About
Larissa Benoliel, Welcome to Larissa's Bookish Life
Rachel Rivera, Parajunkee
Jackie Morgan, Literary Escapism
Felicia Sparks, Geeky Bloggers Book Blog
Lexie Cenni, Poisoned Rationality
JoJo, JoJos Book Corner
Bobby D Whitney, BookWenches Reviews
Jen Martin, Red Hot Books
Pam Spaz Web Elliott, Wicked Little Pixie
Damaris Cardinali, Good Choice Reading

we have 7 spots left. Check your emails... Bet you missed the acceptance email! Congrats to the bloggers and DONT FORGET to join the AAD Forum!


Jennifer @ The Book Nympho said...

That's an awesome list. I've got to get the money to go!

Good Choice Reading said...

Yay! I am so excited! So looking forward to it!!!

Jen B. said...

I was just checking out the hotel. My son approves but he wants one of the two level rooms! Ugh, there goes my initial budget. Back to the drawing board. The blogger list looks great!

Stella Price said...

LOL Jen.

Only one of those rooms exists and its mine...

Bobby D Whitney said...

Looking forward to joining everybody there!

Jen B. said...

Oh Stella,
My son told my daughter about the two level room. Now they both want it! You may have to wrestle them for it!! I told them it might price me out of my budget. I have to run the numbers and see if we can swing one of the fancy rooms. I would like one that faces the pool. So much planning. Thank goodness I have a year.

Stella Price said...


they can try to fight me all they want... its actually contracted to me for the convention. Not to mention we only have a few rooms available at the con price for suites.... You tell them they get a regular room and thats it AHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Jen B. said...

I love it! You are so tough! Sorry, can't stop laughing... Have a great evening!