Friday, June 24, 2011

Who am I? #4

We were born from Gaia [earth] and Uranus [sky] coming together. From the beginning we were big and strong, so much so, our father feared us and what we were capable of, and chose to lock us away. Eventually a relative released us to help him takeover power and we supported his endeavor. There is nothing handsome about us, but we are physically powerful, all of which encourages people still fear us by sight.

We are a primordial race with 1 being our thing but 3 of us being the most well known - who are we?

Hiya everyone!

I'm not sure, but today was the hardest to write. Fingers crossed you guys can guess from the mix of very general and tricky hints. All of this has been a fun way for me to think about the Mythos Masquerade, which I can't wait to attend.

Some of you I know, but for those I don't yet know, amongst other things, I'm a Greek mythological fiend. In fact, I have a series called Mythological Messes Redux that takes mythical characters who had a duff storyline, and write them a new one with Tease Publishing is the publisher. Now you see why I've enjoyed dropping these hints and hosting a contest [think crossword puzzle], with a fab prize during the Mythos Masquerade dinner - I love Greek mythology.

See you at the ball!

Tilly Greene
Scorching romances full of twists, turns and ties.

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Virginia E said...

I think you would be the cyclopes.

Tilly Greene said...

Yeah! You got it :-)