Sunday, June 26, 2011

The answers for Who am I?

Can't leave you hanging, wondering, so here are the answers for the Who am I? brain teasers from last week.

Tuesday - Hephaestus
Wednesday - Priapus
Thursday - Apollo
Friday - Cyclopes [specifically Brontes (thunderer), Steropes (lightning) and Arges (brightness)]

Hope you guys enjoyed and are as eager as me for the Mythos Masquerade! Remember, I'll be hosting a Greek mythology contest at dinner with a fab prize on offer.

See you all there!

Tilly Greene
Scorching romances full of twists, turns and ties.

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Mythological Messes Redux series backlist
Hephaestus Lays Down the Law [ebook/print]
Together Again? [ebook only]
Cyra's Cyclopes [ebook/print coming soon] - Nominated for an AAD Bookie Award in Fantasy short story category!
Double Punch [ebook/print] - Nominated for an AAD Bookie Award in Erotica Novel category!
Tied Up For Love [ebook/print coming soon]

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