Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Who am I? #1

While I don't have a birth certificate, I consider Zeus and Hera my parents, and am a god. While mother and father are both hot tempered, I'm much more calm, peaceful, and think before I act. I'm not an immortal who sits around and looks pretty, far from the latter. Despite my physical limitation, hard labor is how I spend my time, and I do it very well.  Many of my bretheren request my expertise.  My work keeps me fit and yet my gorgeous wife strays.

So, I'm an Olympian that isn't perfect, but am married to beauty - who am I?

Hiya everyone!

I am so excited Authors After Dark in Philly is just around the corner!  Stella has given me a thumbs up to host a contest [think crossword puzzle], with a fab prize during the Mythos Masquerade dinner and thought I'd start getting your heads in the game.

Can you guess who it is above?

I'll give you a hint for the contest:  Greek mythology

Tilly Greene
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UPDATE:  My mistake!  I accidently deleted the posting, but it's back - sorry :-)


Monica Corwin said...

He is one of my favorite Greek Gods...I say Hephestus

Tilly Greene said...

You're right darlin'! He's such a cutie, a real gentle giant :-)