Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Website, updates and registration info

Hey All!

Sorry I have been quiet on this end, pertaining to AAD info, but I have some right now I wanted to get out to all of you. So shall I?

The AAD website will hopefully be up by the 5th. Why the wait? I'm making sure we get all the info on it and its up to date. We have some awesome things involved this year, and there's a lot of stuff to add in, so I'm making sure its perfect.

AAD Registration opens on November 10th. Excited? I bet you are! I know I'm really excited to see all the new amazing authors and attendees that are planning on joining us this year! So for those that have sent me emails with questions, allow me to address them here:

YES: we will have writing workshops set up for authors, run by some of the best authors out there today including Zoe Archer, Allie Boniface, C.J. Henderson, and Tilly Greene so far, so Check out the AUTHORS CORNER page for updates!

YES: We will have 2 nighttime parties, A Mythos Masquerade and the Steampunk Ball. Both will follow dinners and will run several hours.

YES: We will have special events this year that will be 'Ticketed'. This means that there is a limited number of people able to attend these events, so those that are really interested will buy a ticket, and ALL PROCEEDS from these events will go to the charities this year.

YES: WE will have a tattoo artist attending again this year, 2 actually, and will have a full roster of vendors in our After Dark Bazaar! Bath and body, jewelry, clothing, handbags... I will be posting about the finalized count in a few months!

YES: we will have agent and editor appointments this year, though limited. More on that as we get closer, Appointment registration opens June 15th.

YES: there will be a complete Blogger track this year, including workshops, panels, meet and greets and some special surprises! We have to limit our blogger list this year to 10-12, (because we want to ensure they receive the best ARC's and goodies available.) Blogger Hopefuls will be screened (blog checked out) and notified if they made the top 10. This is not us vetting one person over another, its simply first come first serve.

YES: there WILL be a charity basket room this year. Authors are encouraged to donate baskets and books, to help us raise money for some most deserving charities! If your an author (or publisher) looking to donate, PLEASE contact me ASAP so I can get your name on the website.

Panels will run like normal, 50 minute events, and a full list will be up soon on what we plan to offer this year! AAD 2010 had some of the best attended panels I have seen all year (And I did 20 cons this year!) So I'm hoping to duplicate that for 2011!

And last but not least... The BOOKIE AWARDS! Yes, I know a lot of you are excited about this event, and the possiblity of winning a READER NOMINATED award, the ONLY READER NOMINATED awards in Romance Fandom! I know Im excited, and Im flattered we were even nominated for anything. Im in some of the best company I could ever hope for, and I know that whoever wins this inaugural year, will be tickled beyond Tickled! Voting begins November 20th ON THE WEBSITE on the Bookie Awards Page. We will have a running list of presenters going up as they come forward and agree to it. Ooh so whats the Bookie awards? What does all women love? No, not chocolate (well maybe, lol)... Jewelry! Yes this year's Bookies will have Jewelry for the award, a wonderful certificate, and that chocolate could be in the mix too...

Excited? I know I am... So... Stay tuned! It all starts happening in a few days!


Tilly Greene said...

OMG! Can't it be August tomorrow?!? I am looking forward to AAD2011 - watch out Philly, here comes the fun :-)

Grace Fonseca said...

I can't wait for AAD. I'll be one of the first ones to register for AAD on the 10th.