Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Registration information: PLEASE READ!

Hey all.

So Pay pal is being a big old dirty bum and isnt letting me use the new account we set up for AAD till they figure some stuff out. That doesnt mean Im not opening registration. But it does mean that you guys cant pay for it yet. So this is how we are going to do it.

At NOON EASTERN TIME I will be opening the registration form on the website. This will ensure everyone doesnt grab the pitchforks and call for my blood and a good hanging tomorrow afternoon. Honestly I dont look good in rope.

The second Pay Pal lets me use the damn account, I will be emailing everyone that registers to revisit the site, and click the pay pal button. The you will be able to pay for it. I'm sorry about the 2 time visit to the registration page, but at this point its the only way I can do it.

I believe that the hotel will be open as well tomorrow, so check that as well! Don't forget, get your registrations in ASAP, to make sure you have a room available. (wouldnt it be awesome if we sold out of our roomblock????!)

For those that dont know, AAD is doing this year without a backer, which means that we had to open all new accounts and such, as well as incorporate as a NFP (Not for Profit). This is the reason why its been so hard to get everything done. Now in the long run this is an amazing thing, and we still are committed to making this the cheapest event in romance fandom.

So I know you are ready to rock (cuz I am!) Tomorrow starts the insanity!

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