Monday, March 1, 2010


Yes, the title of my post is "Coffee." It's all I can manage this morning, mainly because I'm drinking it by the gallon.

Rough night. You know, the kind where you get out of bed and feel like the bed beat you up? Like instead of sleeping, you'd spent the night in the ring with Mike Tyson? Your back, neck, and hips shouldn't hurt after sleeping.

Not that I slept. It was one of those tossy-turny nights, and when I did get little naps between the long periods of wide-awake, I had bad dreams. Nightmares. Maybe I can turn some of the nightmares into stories, but only after I kind of forget them a little.

Because they were scary.

Do you ever have nights like that? Where you can't get your act together in the morning because the night was so bad?


Rhonda Leah said...

I basically had the.same.night! What's up with that So, yes ma'am I have those nights. Really weird nightmare, followed by a great scene idea for the current wip. shrug!

Hope the coffee kicks in soon ;)

Stella Price said...

OMG yes. Seriously that's been me for the past 8 months. I'm surprised I'm still alive.

It sucks when you wake up and feel like someone kicked your ass and the sore isnt because you had a crazy night of wild sex (physical or dream sex... I dont judge)but because the aliens came and did tons of tests on you. LOL.

Feel better hun... it can only get better.


Larissa Ione said...

LOL! You guys are funny.

Rhonda, glad the weird nightmares have turned into great scenes!

Stella, the aliens snatching me for tests? That could only be an improvement! *g*

Jan said...

Yeah.. It's called fibromyalgia and I've been suffering from it for over a year now.