Friday, March 26, 2010

Busy Busy Busy

How does the 25th of the month keeping coming and going and slipping my mind? Seems we all have busier than ever lives these days. I'm going to have to talk to the DH about a vacation soon I think. :)

But keeping busy means that there's lots of writing going on and lots of new books to share.

I've got my next contemporary book, Fire & Desire, coming out any day now. This story is the fourth book of my Purgatory series, which is a lot of fun to write and allows me to mix things up when I'm not in the paranormal mood. (although that's not often.)

April brings all kinds of fun. Like Stella, I'm busy preparing for RT. Her and I were just talking about costume make up last night. Luckily she talked me down from the ledge and make up that would stain my skin. lol I'm making my own costume for the fairy ball (call me crazy)and I'm considering on going all out. Maybe medium out would be better.

April also brings two more new releases. The long awaited book 2 of the cougar series, Kane. I cannot wait for this. Looking forward to hearing what readers think as the trilogy continues.

Also, Dirty Deeds, my demon novella will be out at the end of April from Loose Id. My AC/DC loving sex demon was one of my favorite heroines to write. I just got the cover this week and am fascinated by the artists talent for painting. (Christine Griffin)

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