Sunday, December 28, 2008

New Year, New You?

Sorry I missed my post on Christmas Day, it's been a little hectic around here. With the kids out of school and the husband underfoot as well i'm a little stressed out.

As December rushes by and the New Year is almost here I am trying to ignore the automatic desire to start planning and making goals for next year. I made some goals for December that I am still trying to meet so 2009 can start fresh. For weeks people around me have been talking about their New Years goals and i've been doing my best to ignore it. Can you picture it? I've got my fingers in my ears walking around going la la la la la

But the compulsion to plan for a New Year will not die. In the back of my head little things are forming despite my good intentions and I guarantee before that clock strikes 12 on New Years Eve, I will have goals for 2009. Ack I just can't seem to resist the temptation.

How about you? Do you make New Year's resolutions or goals every year. Do you start creating new goals before the old ones are completed?

On a different subject...I had a new free read come out last week that is available at both Linden Bay Romance and All Romance eBooks. It's a short, HOT story to introduce readers to my new shapeshifter series coming out next month at Linden Bay Romance.


Restless and alone on Christmas Eve, Niki decides it’s time to scratch the itch and heads into a nearby town for some action. Once there, it isn’t sex she finds, but a fight instead, that is until tall, dark and handsome intervenes...

Dean recognizes the stunning but surly Cougar for what she is the minute she gets close. Now it’s up to him to show her just how far a night of passion can go.

Enjoy and see you next year!



CarolB1977 said...

Thanks for the free short story! Hope you had a great New Year's, I'm resolved to finish my book in 2009!


Eliza Gayle said...

Thats wonderful Carol. Good Luck!