Monday, December 15, 2008

Happy Holidays & New Print Release from Bianca

As the old year draws to an end, we enter one of my favorite times of the year. Lots going on, to be sure, including a print release this month (Davin's Quest) and a lot of writing. I'm scheduled to finish my next paranormal novel by Christmas and then do a quick polish on my next futuristic novel (Grady's Awakening) before I turn it in to my editor for her opinion. I expect to have both of those projects mostly complete by the New Year.

Then I plan to write the sequel to an as-yet unpublished cat shifter urban fantasy that is currently under consideration by a publisher I haven't worked with before. I'm hoping I'll have something to report on that front the next time I check in with you all, but these things take time. The part I hate the most about my relatively new writing career is the waiting. I'm not a patient soul, which is why epublishing appealed to me. Fast responses, fast turnaround - I'm spoiled by my early experiences with small press publishers. But if I want to reach a larger audience, I have to play the waiting game and believe me, it's the pits.

However, I'm putting a lot of stock in the old addage: "good things come to those who wait." Hopefully that will prove true in this case.

I should probably tell you a bit about my new print release this month, so here goes:

Which man will Callie choose, the alien or the warrior? Or can she have both?

For each Alvian, there is one perfect match -- a Resonance Mate whose soul blends in perfect harmony. Unlike the rest of his race, Davin has emotions and suffers for it. Without a mate, he is doomed to go mad. Searching for answers and understanding, he seeks out Callie O'Hara, a human woman with strong empathic gifts. Could this fragile human be his Resonance Mate?

Rick St. John is a tough-as-nails survivor of the Alvian occupation of Earth. He doesn't believe in much, but when he sees Callie for the first time, he starts to believe in love at first sight. The Governing Council is gunning for Davin, the upstart who dares to defy them. And they'll kill anyone who gets in their way. Davin and Rick must come to terms with their feelings for Callie in order to keep her safe, while she has to find a way to save them both with her love.

This book is a mixture of futuristic with psychic phenomena and really hot romance with multiple partners. Not your run of the mill romance novel, but it is definitely a romance. Even when I'm writing erotic romance, my emphasis is still on the romance and the committed love relationship between the partners.
So I guess that's it from me until next time, which will be next year. In the meantime...
Happy Holidays and Best Wishes for a
Happy and Healthy New Year!


Karin said...

Davin's Quest sounds intriguing.

Good luck with all of your writing!

Bianca D'Arc said...

Thanks, Karin!

Davin's Quest is the 2nd book in a 5 book story arc. Book 3, Jaci's Experiment, is already out in ebook formats and will be in print next May.


Stephanie*magic* said...

Hi Bianca.
Davin's Quest sounds amazing!
I'll have to pick it up!
I so love your covers BTW!
Hope you have a very Merry
Take care and wishing you
all the best!

Bianca D'Arc said...

Thanks, Stephanie! You just made my day! :) Have a great Christmas and New Year too!!!