Friday, October 10, 2008

October and Me are good good freinds...

Hey everyone! Today is my day, and I have a lot to do aside from blogging. I need to get ready to leave to drive up to Albany for AlbaCON! I'm on a bunch of panels and get to hangout with Bianca D'Arc all weekend. Not bad for my last big event of the season. If your in the Albany area, I will be signing at noon on saturday, and Bianca at 4pm saturday. So come and see us, we have cookies.
Ok not really, but we have goodies.

Its October, and my favorite month of the year. Forget the awesome programing on SCIFI channel, forget the fact that MAX PAYNE is out this month in the theaters. Or that I get to start making apple pie and go apple picking. The leaves in NY changing rapidly? Nope guess again. Give up? Well poo!

No I'm a halloweenie through and through, and this is the first year im not going out trick or treating. Yes, I still do trick or treat. Why? because I can get away with it. I dont look like I'm going to be 30 next May, So I can get away with it. Will probably be able to get away till I'm 40. Hows that for slick? Anyways, this year Im giving out candy at Joe's parents house, which should be fun, then hitting a costume party later on. Nothing as fantastic as the ones Audra hits in Scotland, but its a chance to be social. I think Im going to be my old standby this yeat, Pirate Stella. Heh. I have enough Pirate gear around to start my own crew. Arrgh be darr.

So lets see, whats new in the Eververse... Well Audra and I have been hard at work on a new book, new series, new world. We decided to step away from the Eververse for a while, get this story out that is begging to be written, and its been very prosterous. In a week we have almost hit 45k, and have outlined the other stories in the series. I'm super excited about this book, and it's keeping us writing after a very unhelpful progress slump.

OOh and I'm happy to announce that Romantic Times gave The Soft Edge of Midnight 4STARS in their November issue! This is what RT has to say:

Once again the Price sisters come up with a darkly original tale set in their Eververse world. With an assortment of shapeshifters, witches, demons and the fallen, it's a feast of supernatural characters. The romantic leads are an interesting pair of unicorn-shifters, but the demons take center stage with more personality, more plotlines and more sex.

So excited! That review as a year coming, and we are super glad it finally came out. Very awesome!

So its getting to Holiday time isnt it? Im SO not ready, and this year everyone is getting gift cards cuz I have too much on my plate. But, its about time i start getting my Holiday card list ready to go. So if you would like a card from the Eververse this year, email me your snail mail address at and Ill add your name to the list. Also, if you have read the books, lemme know which character was your favorite, and I can see about sending your name to their place for their Holiday card list. And be on the look out for the November Contest. That one is a great big prize you will just love.

So our contest winner from last month is MYA. Congratulations. Please email me at and tell me which print book you want so I can get it in the mail lickity split.

So this month, in the spirit of our RT review, Im giving away a e copy of The Soft Edge of Midnight and a print copy choice of another of our books. I wanna know What your favorite halloween candy is. Personally, I LOVE me some of the Taffy b-b-b-bats, either the strawberry or the chocolate and I love anything Wonka, Bottlecaps most of all. Yeah I get my sugar on when I go a-treating. It's how I do.

So comment here, and maybe win a print book and a cool e book. Also, I'll be choosing two other winners for a Halloween prize pack from me, filled with some cool promo, and a I DO IT DEMONSTYLE bumpersticker for your car.

So thanks for stopping by to see what I have to say this month, and If your interested in keeping tabs on the progress of our new book, check out our personal blog for all the updates! Im going to leave you with the video we did recently for Frost and Flame, the third in the Eververse series. You can see the rest of our videos at our YOU TUBE page. Masquerade will be out early 2009.

OOH. and for those who dont know, Frost and Flame, along with all the other Eververse books and the Paranormal genre books from our publisher, Tease Publishing, are 20% off for the next week at ARe. Stop by if your curious and or pick up the books your missing!


Pamk said...

rofl I thought that was funny where you went trick or treating. The first year I didn't I had a guy that graduated high school 3 yrs before I did came to my house dressed from high heel pumps to a poofy hair as a female. made a dayumn good one I thougt. Got me to wondering anyhows lol. My favorite candy is reese's peanut butter cups.

Jess (The Cozy Reader) said...

It all sounds very cool!

Looking forward to Halloween!

Stella Price said...

Pam: I love trick or treating... the one night a year when you can dress up like a psychiatric ward reject and go from house to house, harassing people for candy and they give it to you. So much fun.

Reeses Peanut Butter Cups are some of my favorite chocolate candies!

Christine said...

Hey Stella!
Congrats on the RT Review! =)

I guess you really make me look like a mean mommy for trying to convince my 13 year old that she's too old to trick or treat!!

Reese's Peanut Butter cups are my favorites, too. But I also lurve Twix!

Christine said...

Oh! I forgot to say I loved the book video!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the review Stella!! favorite Halloween candy? Would have to be candy corn! I could eat that till it's coming out of my ears. Although instead of coming out of my ears, it goes straight to my hips!

Raonaid Luckwell said...

I'm dressing up with my boys this Halloween. I always loved Halloween because you could dress up as something you're interested in.. Even us big kids.

Favorite halloween candy? Well it has to be a toss up between twizzlers or baby ruths.

Asylumgirl said...

Yum!...any chocolate will do just fine.
I love October and fall in general, but especially Halloween. I love to dress up and I do it from head to toe, false eyelashes and all. As a matter of fact, the eyelashes get the most comments.


Anonymous said...

Stella did the trick and treating when I older bit too. I dont look my age either it blast.
My favorite candy is sweet tarts and gummy candies of all sorts. I love reese peanut cup too.

Michelle C.