Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Or, as my son's school calls it, "Fall Harvest."

Yeah, I'm a day early, but I'm going to be pretty busy tomorrow, so I figured I'd get my post in now.

Tomorrow is my anniversary, so while my son is at school, my husband and I will go out to celebrate. What's funny is that we got married on Halloween thinking how fun they'd be later -- we could dress up as bride and groom! (We're dorks.)

What we didn't think about was kids, and how, once we had them, we'd spend the next twelve years or so taking them out trick-or-treating, and we'd spend the rest of our lives with kids ringing our doorbell for hours on our anniversary.

Yeah...poor planning on our part! *g*

Still, I enjoy Halloween, and even before I started reading paranormal romance, I always read something scary or paranormal around this time of year. Usually I went with Stephen King, but since I found paranormal romance, I've been reading various authors and their takes on vampires, demons, and shapeshifters.

I've just finished Lara Adrian's Veil of Midnight, and I'm about to start Jaci Burton's The Darkest Touch.

What about you -- what are you reading right now? Something in the spirit of Halloween?


Diana Castilleja said...

Not so much in the name of Halloween, but I'm reading Jacquelyn's Nightwalkers and really enjoying it.

I feel for you for having your anniversary on Halloween.

Happy Anniversary!

Stella Price said...

I'm reading Katie MacAlister's Up in Smoke right now, but I have Anya Bast's The Chosen Sin to dive into when I'm done.

Happy anniversary Larissa! I had always wanted to get married on halloween, but Joe is SO against it.. LOL! Hope you have a great one!


Paula said...

I am salivating for Veil of Midnight. Lucky you to get the early read. Just read Jeaneane Frost Halfway to the Grave and One Foot in the Grave. Pretty good read. I love most all paranormals. Looking forward to your next book. I absolutely love them. Have a Happy Anniversary and a spooky Halloween.

Christine said...

Oh man! That's too funny about the poor planning with the anniversary and the door bell ringing all night. But you know, once you have kids, the whole private, intimate anniversary thing is fairly nonexistent anyway. Throw in an elderly parent who lives with you and forget about it! ;)

I'm so jealous that you've already read Veil of Midnight. I love Lara's work.

Right now I'm reading Hungry for More by Diana Holquist. I guess it's considered a contemporary romance. but the heroine is a Gypsy who is trying to get her psychic voice back, so there's a little paranormal there.

Happy Anniversary! :)

Karin said...

Well, it was a good thought about getting married on Halloween. At least it won't ever been forgotten.

I'm currently reading Trick Me, Treat Me by Leslie Kelly. I love to read something that has a paranomral or Halloween theme around this holiday and the book totally fits.

Anonymous said...

Hey Larissa! I'm taking tomorrow off. The office use to have fun on Halloween, it use to be spontaneous and creative. Now it's gotten organized and it's no longer fun. So I'm staying home.

As for reading - Currently Blood & Chocolate by Annette Curtis Kluase.

Lea said...

Hi Larissa:

I'm actually finishing one of Jaci Burton's romance books right now and then I'm going to start Lynda Hillburn's latest book "Dark Harvest", which continues her "Kismet Knight Vampire Psychologist", series. Definitely fits with the Halloween season.

Happy anniversary a day early! I do hope you and your husband enjoy some quiet time together. I hope also your little guy enjoys his "Happy Halloween".

Best Regards

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary! OH! U lucky lady...can't wait 2 get my hands on LA's next bk VOM...I think it's only fair that I recieve my pre-ordered copy earlier c'ing that the story is told in my city of MTL. NO? Guess not...just going 2 have 2 wait. DARN! *LOL*
Just finished reading JB's 2nd bk 2 her Wild Riders series. Came across AB's The Chosen Sin that looks good.

Happy Halloween 2 every1! Ada:)

Christine said...

Greta, Blood and Chocolate by Annette Curtis Klause is very good!! One of my favorite YA paranormals. I suggest you also read A Silver Kiss by the same author, it's also very good.

Larissa Ione said...

Thanks for the anniversary wishes!

Sounds like you guys are reading some awesome books -- and let me tell you, you're going to love Veil of Midnight! *g*

Raonaid Luckwell said...

I love halloween because even us big kids can dress us (I dressed up as Simi with BBQ sauce and all)

I started Diedre Knight Red Fire

Houston A.W. Knight said...

OMG - I love your blog site! AWESOME! I've got to add you to my list of go sees!

Yap, I'm reading Dark Lover by J.R. Ward - such a great author! The story is fabulous and perfect for the season!

Belate Happy Halloween and anniversary!