Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Meeting Stella (and Audra) Price

Hello! I'm glad to be the first to post on this here blog and introduce myself! I'm sure that most of you don't know who I am, and thats ok, Audra and I are hardly a household name.


We are sisters, and have 9 books in print in small press. We write Paranormal Romance, Erotic Dark Fantasy and Urban Fantasy Romance. Our series include the Eververse series, the Dragon Elementals series, the Duvall Inc. series and the Knossos West weresnake series.

On the side, I'm a graphic artist and award winning cover artist.

I'm really excited to be involved with this blog and the fabulous women who blog here. They are some of my favorite authors and some of the best women in the business. I cant wait to see what everyone has to say and to really get everything going here!

Oh and Ill be gone most of the Month of June, I will be over the pond in Scotland for my sisters wedding, so stop by for updates and fun pictures.

So hi everyone! its great to be here!

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