Monday, October 8, 2012

AAD 2014 hopefuls... Please read.

So I was looking at the 2014 Intent list, this is a list of authors that are hopeful to be featured for 2014, and wow the list is long... extremely long. Sadly we wont be able to accept everyone. Here are the reasons behind it:

1. Your publisher is in no way involved with AAD and wont be. This will happen several times because several pubs either have flat out decided NOT to work with us or they just dont care. Publisher participation is a must, as small press authors do not have the ability to provide the promo and goodies on the scale we ask for, and often the publishers help with books and or promo. No publisher means no help, means we take a HUGE chance that the author can provide. We just cant do that.

2. Newbie Author. LOVELY that you wanna get out there and promote, but 99% of all newbie authors are not ready for the way we do everything, nor the promo and and goodies we ask them to provide. We encourage newbie authors to attend, and give out promo, but until they have more of a following and ability to provide for the readers, we usually dont accept them as FA (Exception to the rule: NY Debut author OR an author that is a debut that has the backing of their publisher by way of freebies and or a party)

3. Self Published authors that do not meet the AAD criteria.

4. Online antics and persona. If we know you are a trouble maker, diva, or have issues with others, and its been made public, we strongly consider the author and how they would fit into the event. AAD is very cohesive, and we strive to make sure it s a mostly drama free zone.

5. In person antics and person. Just because you have been a FA at AAD before doesn't grandfather you in. AAD looks at everyone's attitudes, personality, How they deal with the public and the staff and most importantly, the attendees. 3 complaints from readers, and Authors are off the FA list for good.

So thats just a taste of what we do when we consider an author for FA spot. I can tell you that 2014 will have 50% of all authors being NEW to AAD in general, which is awesome! Authors for 2014 will start hearing in the new year, so they have time to get their act together and come up with awesome goodies, parties and events to make the readers squee!

thanks guys for reading!

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