Friday, February 24, 2012

READINGS.. and dont foreget the tickets!

Yes its on the schedule and a lot of people are asking who is on what reading event... so without further adieu...





Sophie Oak, Cat Grant, Trinity, BA Tortuga, Tilly Greene

Thursday 8-9: Fleur De Lis A


Cat Grant, Joey W. Hill, Delilah Devlin, Shayla Black, L.A. Witt

Friday 4-5: Fleur De Lis A


Lia Habel, Melanie Card, Mark Henry, Kelly Keaton, Leanna Renee Heiber

Saturday 1pm: Iberville (open to the public)


Erin Kellison, Carolyn Crane, Boone Brux, leanna Renee Heieber, Rosalie Lario

Thursday 2-3: Fleur De Lis A


PJ, Tilly Greene, A.L. Davroe, Pam Palmer, Virna DePaul, Cynthia Eden

Thursday 4-5: Fleur de Lis B


Stacey Kennedy, Adrian Phoenix, Jess Haines, Kristen Painter, Jaye Wells

Thursday 5-6: Fleur De Lis A


Kristen, Suzanne, Jaye, Kelly Keaton, Erin McCarthy

Thursday 10-11: Fleur De Lis A


PJ, TJ, Jeaniene Frost, Jessa Slade, Yasmine Galenorn

Friday 2-3: Fleur De Lis A


Kayleigh Jamison, Melissa Schroeder, Manda Collins, Samantha Kane, Jade Lee

Friday 10-11: Fleur De Lis A


BA Tortuga, Beth Williamson, Sophie Oak, Cat Johnson, Sandy Sullivan, CH Admirand

Friday 11-12: Fleur De Lis A


Adrian Phoenix, Kristen Painter, Diana Castilleja, Theresa Meyers, Jeaniene Frost

Friday 1-2: Fleur De Lis B

A word about Events: These are an hour long. Each Author gets 5 minutes to read a passage (so 25 minutes have been taken) and then the rest of the hour is a meet and greet and signing situation. Attendees that have BROUGHT their books with them from home can bring them to these events and have the authors sign them in a more intimate setting.

Please note that they are all Convention only except the YA event, which we are opening to the public just before the signing in Iberville (which is right next to the book signing). We did this because of the large contingent of underage that will be attending the book signing and wanted to give them a little something extra.

As you can see there's a fantastic mix of authors on each event.

Today opens the tickets for the events... so don't forget to check your email for the info--- which will go LIVE at 10 AM est.


Tilly Greene said...

Time to go pick out some fun passages to read for the Menage and Shifter hours :-)

Sasha White said...

Where's a link to get the tickets from?

Stella Price said...


Check your email.. I sent them from the registrations...

Artemis said...

I'm ready for a reading or three!

amanda said...

How do I get on a waiting list for the Supernatural NOLA with Erin McCarthy field trip? It said it was sold out but didn't have a link for a stand-by. :(

Thanks!! Can't wait to meet everyone!!

Stella Price said...

email me. Cant guarantee anything but this is what we just put up:
For the ERIN MCCARTHY WAITLIST PLEASE EMAIL ME PERSONALLY. EB is having problems with multi ticket waitlists...

Elaine said...

What is the book club that has several things going on? Is this for authors only or can anyone join?

Stella Price said...

Elaine: Book club programming is for those that already designated they are in a book club.

Twimom227 said...

I'm confused... do we have to have tickets for the readings? because I didn't see them offered, and I would like to attend a couple. thanks!