Friday, February 3, 2012

#AADNOLA room availability updates!

We are close to closing everything down people! OMG and its only feb!

As of today, we have:
8/5: 2 rooms available
8/6: 4 rooms available
8/7: 2 rooms available
8/8: 10 rooms available
8/9: 12 rooms available
8/10: 12 rooms available
8/11: 13 rooms available
8/12: 27 rooms Available
8/13: 14 rooms available

So... Get your tookus in gear if you wanna come (and if you register and cant get the days you want, EMAIL ME ASAP! I cant promise anything but the eariler you register the better choices you have!)

Also, all rooms are KING ONLY!

So thats it guys!



Anonymous said...

how many rooms are left for the 7 of Aug up until then

Stella Price said...

As of right now I dont think Any.