Friday, December 9, 2011

A question that keeps coming up... Answered!

So we have been monitoring the new form we put up and a question came up about “Authors attending AAD that aren’t Featured” and having a list of them. I figured I would address this early as it is bound to come up more and more.

Please note that every author that registered for AAD was sent an email explaining the responsibilities, commitments, and perks of Featured Authors at AAD and given the opportunity to become a Featured Author. It was their choice to participate as a Featured Author or not.

Because of this, the only attendees designated as “Authors” by the con are the ones that are Featured Authors, and will be designated as such with an Author Ribbon. Attendees that are not featured authors will not have a ribbon, but will have an AUTHOR designation on their badge so you will still be able to identify them, talk with them and socialize.

The Featured Authors are those who committed to attend AAD and contribute to panels, special events and activities, making themselves available to the readers. Thus, we can focus on promoting them based on their commitment and also their contribution to the great prizes, swag and books the attendees will enjoy at AAD NOLA. We do not have the same from other authors and would not be able to maintain an accurate list of those attending the convention due to cancellations, conflicts in schedule or other unforeseen circumstances.

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